Corona: Rally by Attila Hildmann escalates

Panorama Anti-Corona-Demo

“Are you enemies of democracy?” – Hildmann concerns journalists

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Attila Hildmann demonstrates again and again in Berlin against the corona measures, here on June 20th


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Again and again Attila Hildmann demonstrates with followers against the corona measures in Germany. Behind it he suspects a conspiracy. Now a rally in Berlin escalated.

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BAt a new rally by corona conspiracy theorists, journalists and other people in Berlin were apparently threatened and attacked on Saturday. The cookbook author Attila Hildmann was among the aggressors. Among other things, the reported „BZ“.

Among other things, Hildmann and other demonstrators asked the filmmakers to show their press cards. Hildmann himself said according to the “BZ”: “I know exactly who you are. I know exactly who you are. ”One of the demonstrators hit a victim on the camera. A team from the Jewish Forum was apparently attacked.

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The demonstrators had gathered at the north entrance to Messe Berlin on Saturday. The Jewish Forum posted a post on social media showing an attack on its own press team. Hildmann approaches the camera and immediately begins the first provocation: “Are you also enemies of democracy?”

Then Hildmann says: “You think you are anti-fascists. The only thing you do, you are fascists. “And further:” We will find your names, and then we will take a look. “

Hildmann, who became known with cookbooks on vegan nutrition, claims to be defending fundamental rights in Germany during his demonstrations. State security is now investigating him. The allegations: anti-Semitism and sedition. So he called Adolf Hitler on a telegram channel among other things as “blessing for Germany”. In his statements, Jews and Zionists keep appearing as an enemy.

In the video, Hildmann approaches the bystanders at least verbally and comes closer to them when they ask him for distance. Why the officials present apparently did not intervene, the Berlin police explained on Twitter as follows: “We have a duty to protect assemblies regardless of their topic & freedom of the press. Provocative or aggressive behavior from meetings is always judged criminally. We let the case flow into the preparation of future missions. “


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