Corona protests in Canada with demonstrating truck drivers

In Canada’s capital Ottawa, numerous demonstrators once again joined a blockade by truck drivers on Saturday to protest against the government’s corona policy. The protesters waved Canadian flags and chanted against the government of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. In freezing temperatures, they warmed up around campfires and set up bouncy castles for children in front of Parliament.

Hundreds of truck drivers have been blocking downtown Ottawa with their vehicles since last Saturday. They protest against the mandatory corona vaccination for travel between Canada and the USA. Last weekend, 15,000 demonstrators joined the truckers. The blockade continued even after that. The truck drivers want to stay until all corona restrictions have been lifted.

The organizers of the so-called convoy for freedom expected tens of thousands of demonstrators on Saturday. The police, who were on site with a large contingent and had already blocked roads during the night, assumed up to 2,000 demonstrators and a thousand counter-demonstrators. The mood was initially more peaceful than a week ago, when demonstrators were sighted with Confederate flags and Nazi symbols and clashes with counter-demonstrators.

There were also protests in Toronto, Québéc and Winnipeg on Saturday. In the southern province of Alberta, truck drivers blocked a key border crossing with the US state of Montana.

(B. Semjonow–BTZ)

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