Corona pandemic: Why the incidences in large cities are currently higher

The corona strongholds in Germany are currently Salzgitter, Herford, Wolfsburg and Neu-Ulm. Here the incidences are between 68 and 55. At first glance, it does not necessarily look as if it is the metropolises that are particularly struggling with increasing numbers of infections.

A certain tendency can, however, be recognized, says the Bremen professor and epidemiologist Hajo Zeeb. In some large cities, the incidences would be at the upper end of the range. “In fact, it is like this: We have a new variant, the Delta variant, which is much more infectious and thus all larger cities are affected, where there are more crowds. They now have another disadvantage in the sense of that the infection takes place more easily where the distance is a little easier to maintain, “says Zeeb.


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