Corona pandemic changed New York forever – report

New York, Manhattan, Times Square at midnight: the oversized LED screens shine brightly, and the advertisements change hectically. At the intersection with Broadway, a yellow taxi waits for green, on the corner of the street the vendor from the hot dog stand is waiting for customers. In normal times here in Midtown Manhattan, even at this late hour, thousands of people would crowd past one another. But the city that never sleeps has run out of tourists. And the New Yorkers lay down.

A few hours earlier, under the surface: The subway is finally arriving. Nobody gets out. A dozen people are sitting in the car, all faces are hidden behind a mask. Only one elderly woman is standing, holding onto a pole – her hands wrapped in protective gloves. It’s Monday evening, just after 6 p.m., rush hour, and no one gets on their feet. “People are still afraid to take the subway,” says Heiko Timm (35), a German who lives in Manhattan.

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