Corona pandemic: As of Monday, only 30 people are allowed in clubs and bars in the Canton of Zug


The number of new infections with the Covid 19 virus is increasing again in the canton of Zug. The government council has therefore taken measures to curb the spread.

(beer) From Monday, July 13, only 100 guests will be allowed in clubs and bars in the canton of Zug at the same time, of which a maximum of 30 may stay inside. Events with over 300 people are only permitted if the required distance can be maintained or masks are worn. The Health Directorate announced on Friday afternoon.

From July 13th, there will hardly be anything going on on dance floors in Zug.

Symbolic picture: Philipp Schmidli

“Experience has shown that measures must be taken in good time so that they actually work,” health director Martin Pfister is quoted as saying. «In clubs and bars in particular, it is very difficult to comply with the hygiene and distance rules. That is why stricter requirements are necessary here, »explains Pfister. “A little less risky is staying outside, which is why more people can be there at the same time.”

The bars and clubs are still obliged to collect the contact details of all guests so that contact tracing can be carried out if necessary. The establishments must now check the names of the guests using an ID and check whether the telephone number provided is correct.

Events with more than 300 people only permitted with certain conditions

According to the announcement, the government council also decided to impose restrictions on public and private events. As of Monday, July 13, the following rules apply:

  • Over 300 people: Events may only be held if the minimum distance of 1.5 meters between those present can be maintained or protective measures such as wearing a protective mask are taken.
  • 31 to 300 people: If the minimum distance can be maintained or protective measures (e.g. wearing masks) can be taken, these may take place without additional restrictions. If this is not possible, the attendees must be divided into sectors of a maximum of 30 people indoors or a maximum of 100 people outdoors. In this case, the contact details must also be collected. For events with family or friends of up to 100 people, no sectors need to be formed.
  • Up to 30 people: Smaller events with fewer than 30 people can still take place without restrictions.

The government council had deliberately decided to take measures even if the number of new cases was comparatively low. “We are aware that restrictions on events mean a noticeable cut in the population of Zug. However, we now have to take these measures in order to be able to slow down a second wave, »continued Pfister in the said message. He also advertises the SwissCovid app.

Increased protective measures in nursing homes

Residents of nursing homes are particularly at risk from Covid 19 disease. In order to effectively protect this group of people, specific protective measures are necessary. The health department is in close contact with the association Curaviva Zug. “The focus is on protecting the residents. At the same time, the residents should still be able to leave the homes and also be able to receive visits », explains Pfister, without disclosing any details.

Online form for travelers from high-risk areas

Since July 6, people entering Switzerland from certain areas have been quarantined for ten days. To do this, they must report to the canton within two days of entry. The canton of Zug has one for this online Form created so that the data subjects can report easily and at any time. “We expressly request all travelers from the risk areas to quarantine immediately after arrival for 10 days and report to the canton,” emphasizes Pfister. “In this way, they can make a decisive contribution to preventing further infections.”

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