Corona outbreak in residential care center Diemen is very worrying | Inland

Many middle-aged children are currently not that lucky. In Berkenstede they had to quarantine an entire residential tower with residents. Another tower is partly closed. It is hard work for Cordaan, the care provider in Berkenstede. They must inform all family members as soon as possible. But because of the speed, not everything is going well. A spokesman: “During the first corona outbreak, some of the media had to learn that we had corona. You want to avoid that. People are very worried. ”

That is now also the case. About thirty residents and members of the nursing staff appear to be infected with corona. Cordaan’s spokesperson: “The treacherous thing about corona is that we have no idea how it got to Berkenstede. The precautions are strict, to even very strict at our locations. We take more measures than prescribed. It is very annoying for everyone, the residents and the staff, that we have it at home again. ”

Passed away

One person has died. It concerns a very old man or woman – Cordaan keeps this in the middle in connection with privacy – and this person had an underlying clinical picture, which was advanced. “But eventually corona was added,” said the spokesman, who added that the residential care center tries to provide non-traceable information, because clients and family members have the right to privacy.

Various media received an anonymous email on Monday morning about the corona outbreak in Berkenstede. There would be a lot of unrest and staff would feel unsupported. Cordaan’s spokesperson explains: “We have tried to be as transparent as possible, but we also have to deal with what is most important for the moment. That is to inform the family first. ”


Staff and residents were also tested on Monday. It is not entirely clear how many tests were ultimately conducted. The spokesman: “It is an ongoing process. It can change from day to day. In order not to cause further unrest, let’s talk about the thirty that are now known. That may change in the coming days, but it is better to paint a picture again in a few days, so that we know which way we are going. ”

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