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Status: 07.03.2022 7:31 p.m

The corona incidences have recently increased in most municipalities in Lower Saxony. According to the Ministry of Health, the omicron variant plays a role. It is unclear whether the easing is also a reason.

In view of the easing steps taken, a “certain increase in the numbers” was assumed. The ministry in Hanover announced on Monday that it was not possible to determine what proportion the omicron variant BA.2 has for the increasing number of cases. Other countries have shown that the omicron variant is fundamentally responsible for higher incidences. Numerous studies and the assessments of the Robert Koch Institute also suggested that the variant has a higher transferability.

Ministry on Corona: Continue to be cautious

The numbers for hospitalization and intensive care bed occupancy have remained at a constant level in recent weeks. So far, despite the easing that has been carried out, no renewed increase has been discernible. Nevertheless, the Ministry reiterates that the country is still in the midst of the pandemic, which is why it is important to continue to comply with the applicable recommendations and protective measures and to exercise caution. The vaccination gap must also be closed further.

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Novavax has so far brought little momentum to the vaccination campaign

Hope rested on the new vaccine from Novavax. The vaccine could be an alternative for people who are skeptical about the previous mRNA vaccines from Biontech and Moderna, it said. Nuvaxovid is based on a more traditional vaccine manufacturing process. But the number of registrations from the past week shows that the vaccination campaign has not yet gained momentum.

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A lab worker holds numerous omicron lab samples up to the camera.  © picture-allaince Photo: Sven Simon |  Frank Hörmann

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