Corona news: KNVB shuts down the highest classes of amateurs after the weekend

Pharmacists want to help with booster shots. According to the KNMP pharmacists’ association, about two-thirds of the supporters are sympathetic to the extra vaccinations against corona. For that, the pharmaceutical companies need a doctor who wants to function as a responsible back-up.

Legally speaking, pharmacists do not have the authority to vaccinate themselves. However, during a pilot phase, they can make use of a doctor who is then responsible in the background. Pharmacists must also be able to do the injections themselves. “But without being trivial, that is not very difficult,” said chairman Aris Prins. The outgoing cabinet received strong criticism from the House of Representatives on Wednesday about the slow progress of the booster campaign.

Corona minister Hugo de Jonge promised that the pace of taking the extra shots will be increased. The intention is that soldiers, medical students, veterinarians and former nurses and former doctors will help with this.



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