Corona news: half of the seats in trains will soon be available

A corona sticker at Eindhoven station.

In this live blog we will also keep you informed of the latest news about the corona crisis today.

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The main facts at a glance:

  • According to Prime Minister Rutte, the corona figures are heading in the right direction.
  • Rutte hopes to be able to provide clarity about holidays as soon as possible.
  • In total, 8,736 corona infections were diagnosed in Brabant.
  • Read all the news about the coronavirus on our special theme site.

When resuming the regular timetable, the NS expects to be able to use about 50 percent of the seats in the trains. The carrier emphasizes that this capacity is primarily intended for necessary journeys. The government has made the use of a mask in the public transport mandatory. From 2 June, the NS will again largely run the regular timetable.

Road users are twice as likely to become victims of accidents since the outbreak of the new coronavirus and the measures taken against it. This is the opinion of traffic researcher Erik Donkers of VIA, a traffic engineering IT bureau. The number of deaths and injuries between mid-March and the end of April remained roughly the same as in recent years, while traffic has almost halved. According to Donkers, the higher risk is related to the behavior of road users that has changed due to the corona outbreak.

Mayor John Jorritsma of Eindhoven has also got rid of his corona hairstyle, as appears on Twitter.

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Hospitals and care institutions in Brabant now offer employees tasty and healthy food 24/7. The initiative arose during the corona crisis.

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Can you still go on vacation this summer? And what are the rules that you have to follow in the different countries. The ANWB made a corona travel guide.

It should have been a successful year for Overloon War Museum. The year in which 75 years of liberation is celebrated. With May as the absolute top month. But nothing is less true. The doors have been closed for weeks and this is disastrous for a museum without a subsidy.

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Hospitals in Eindhoven and the surrounding area are seeing it getting busier again, too busy, they say in the Eindhovens Dagblad. Far too many patients take someone to their hospital appointment. This while the real intention is that, if possible, you only come when you have an appointment.

Scaling up regular care is difficult. In many cases, the capacity is far from the pre-crisis level, according to BNR inquiries from thirteen large and medium-sized hospitals. Some hospitals are not yet ready for the influx of large groups of patients whose care has been postponed. They have their hands full with corona patients.

Wim Daniëls has written a novel about love in times of corona. The book Quarantine tells the story of a man and a woman who traveled independently in March to a secluded bungalow park in the Dordogne. This is to achieve an important goal.

In France they soon have to deal with the enveloping coronavirus. They are looking for comfort, they are looking for a way out, but the problems only seem to accumulate. The book is available in bookstores from today.

Due to the uncertainties associated with the corona crisis, homeowners take an extra critical look at their spending patterns. Since the crisis, more than half of the homeowners are spending less money than before, according to a poll of the Vereniging Eigen Huis (VEH) among 1432 members.

Respondents are concerned, among other things, about job retention and the survival of the employer and the pension. Almost a fifth of respondents say they are concerned about their financial future.

In hospitals, ‘baby steps are taken forward’, as the Jeroen Bosch Hospital in Den Bosch puts it. For example, when it comes to partners who can again be involved in an ultrasound.

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At 90 percent of primary schools, students have stayed at home since the reopening on Monday. This is evident from a poll of 1100 school directors of the General Association of School Leaders (AVS). It is estimated that 55,000 children have not come to school in the first few days.

According to the school leaders, especially children are at home who are at an increased health risk. from
 The poll shows that many schools are single students, but 8 percent of schools represent more than 10 percent of the total number of students. According to the AVS, it appears that half of the schools have teachers at home as a precaution.

Due to the corona virus, the Libelle Summer Week cannot take place on Almeerderstrand this year. That is why Libelle magazine is organizing an online edition of the event. This afternoon at 2 p.m. editor-in-chief Hilmar Mulder opens the Libelle Zomerweek #samenvanuithuis on Facebook.

Construction of a ‘corona village’ will start today at the stadium of ADO Den Haag. In an area of ​​600 square meters, a temporary shelter will be built for several dozen homeless people who have been infected with the corona virus. Staying home to be sick is not an option for those who don’t have a home.

Although the number of cars on the road has halved, the number of road deaths during the corona lockdown has hardly decreased. Accidents are more serious and require more victims, reports the AD on the basis of figures from the police and traffic IT agency VIA.

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