Corona mutation really deadlier? Johnson’s statement causes severe criticism – now the government is suddenly rowing back

According to Premier Johnson, there is evidence that the corona mutation is more deadly in the UK than the previous virus. However, the evidence is very thin.

  • Apparently there are new ones findings about the Coronavirus-Variant out Great Britain.
  • Premier Johnson spoke of “some indications” that the Mutation is more deadly than the previous virus.
  • Am Sunday rowed the government however back

Update from January 24th, 10:48 am: Could the new one CoronaMutation not only be more contagious but also more deadly? The question of mortality has employed researchers worldwide since the discovery of the new Virus-Variant B1.1.7. In England, fears now seem to be proving to be true. Again it’s the British one Prime Minister Boris Johnson who proclaims the worrying message. There is “Some pointers“For it, Johnson announced on Friday that the new variant was associated with higher mortality. That is particularly true Men in their sixties added Johnson.

It was just before Christmas too Johnson been that a higher Risk of infection from the mutation announced. Accordingly, the statements of the British Prime Minister since Friday for riot and discussion. Scientists, however, reacted slightly puzzled. There are not yet enough data available for an increased mortality to prove.

Government is pulling back: But no higher mortality with corona mutation? – “not really sure”

The government finally rowed in on Sunday Great Britain back and relativized Johnson’s statement. In an interview with the broadcaster Sky News explained Health Secretary Matt Hancockthat studies different dates had revealed. It is accordingly “Not really sure how deadly” the Mutation B.1.1.7 is. However, there is a risk that more people will die because of the variant, which was first discovered in south-east England, Hancock said.

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The fact is that with one so far relatively small amount of data a higher mortality rate was measured, from which no reliable conclusion can be drawn. Some scientists defended hence Boris Johnson’s premature statement. “We must transparent be, ”said the scientific Adviser to Peter Horby im BBC. “If we hadn’t told people about it, we would be accused of covering it up.”

Corona Mutation: Corona Mutation: Evidence of higher mortality in Great Britain

Boris Johnson, Prime Minister of Great Britain, at a press conference on Downing Street on the coronavirus pandemic.

© picture alliance/dpa/PA Wire | Hannah Mckay

First report from January 23rd: London – The fear of Corona mutations is big. Also to make it more difficult to spread in Germany, the federal government and federal states extended the lockdown until mid-February. The novel mutant P.1 from Brazil was recently detected for the first time in a person returning to Hesse. The Variants B.1.351 from South Africa such as B.1.1.7 from Great Britain been found.

The British variant of the coronavirus has so far been known to spread faster than the original Virus. According to British experts, it should B.1.1.7 Transferred 30 to 70 percent more easily. But now there are apparently first indications in the UK that the Mutation is even more deadly than the coronavirus, which has been rampant to date.

Corona variant more deadly than previous virus? Johnson speaks of “some clues”

For this assumption there is “Some hints”said Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Friday at a press conference in London. The government’s scientific advisor went into a little more detail. Patrick Vallance said Data from hospitals suggested that the Probability of a fatal outcome the Covid 19 disease triggered by the mutation 30 to 40 percent higher location.

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Go to the previous one variant Assume that out of 1,000 people over the age of 60 ten die, be it with the mutation 13 or 14 Deaths. But Vallance restricted at the same time: whether and how much more deadly those new variant is, which first appeared in the southeastern English county of Kent at the end of last year, is still very insecure.

Coronavirus mutation, according to Johnson, mainly responsible for high number of clinic patients

He’s a little more certain about the Protective effect of the corona vaccines used so far. He does not assume that this will be caused by the Mutation is affected. For the other known ones variants from South Africa and Brazil nothing can be said about this yet.

Johnson meanwhile did the Virus-Variant Mainly responsible for the enormous increase in Covid 19 patients in hospitals. Meanwhile would 78 percent more people treated in clinics than during the first wave of the pandemic last spring, said the prime minister. (mt/dpa)

Rubriklistenbild: © UK Parliament/Jessica Taylor

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