CORONA: Muenchendorf CORONA Test Hotspot

Today 2 p.m., Muenchendorf – Corona Teststrasse in the logistics center of the Red Cross disaster control. From both sides a backlog of the entrance to the test road. According to a police officer, the Laxenburg office only received a notification today at 10.00 a.m. that testing was taking place here today. 800 people have already registered here. After consultation with some of the test persons who had traveled, most of them were in Croatia 2-3 weeks ago. The hotline has assigned everyone to Muenchendorf. According to the license plates, they all come from everywhere. NK, GF, SL, P, W, MA, MI, WN, MD, BN …. etc. Unfortunately only one test station was opened, so this will go on here until midnight.

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