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General guidelines

lockdown Reopening, no general lockdown, but restrictions keep distance 1 meter regular and 2 meters for sports activities together in the car
  • If passengers are from the same household, no restrictions.
  • Once passengers are from different households, there are restrictions. Passenger seat must remain free. Per row of seats: 2 passengers, if the center seat remains free.
  • You may only sit together on a scooter or motorcycle if you come from the same household.
  • In Friuli, Veneto and South Tyrol, the number of passengers is not limited, but they must wear a mouth mask.
  • In other regions there may be specific (other) regulations. The advice is to check locally what regulations there are.
wear face mask / mouth mask

Wearing masks in public indoor areas and in public transport is mandatory. Wearing a face mask in the open air is mandatory in a few regions, such as Capri.

Children under six years of age and people with such a disability that they cannot wear a mouth mask do not have to wear them.

In Italy it is now mandatory to wear a mouth mask in the evening after 6 p.m. in places where it is busy and you cannot keep your distance from other people, also in the open air. This until 06:00 in the morning.

prohibition of group formation No, but keep in mind the prescribed distance to monitor and avoid other safety risks. fine for non-compliance with guidelines 400 – 5000 euros, repeatedly 800 – 8000 euros

Travel restrictions and documents

travel advice BuZa click here borders open to travelers Borders have been open to all European countries, Schengen countries and the United Kingdom since 3 June. extra (medical) documents required
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When you come from a high-risk area, you must be able to show a health certificate before you board an aircraft heading for the Netherlands. It asks about your health situation, for example whether you have the corona virus or symptoms of the virus. The statement will be handed to you at the airport and completed by you on the spot. You must keep the form with you during the trip and, if requested, show it upon arrival at Schiphol.

In Italy, any incoming traveler may be asked for the following document. You should always have this with you when you are in Italy.

There are different rules for each region. For example, you must be in Sardinia two days before arrival Register and upon arrival in Puglia you will serve a special form to fill in. Ask your accommodation for the local rules.

travel restrictions via intermediate countries

Each region can have its own rules. Look here for the recent measures.

public transport Drive, face mask mandatory and keep your distance where possible. air traffic allowed


All travelers aged 13 and older who fly to and from the Netherlands must complete a health declaration. You will receive this form from your airline. On the health declaration you fill in whether you have complaints that are consistent with the corona virus (COVID-19). If you have no complaints, you can go on board. You must show the completed form when boarding (boarding). During the trip you keep the form with you. You may be asked at the airport to show the health certificate.

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You will find the form here


supermarkets / drug stores Open, keep your distance, limited number of customers. Some stores require gloves. general supplies Open, keep your distance and wear a mouth cap. Some stores require gloves. petrol stations Open, keep your distance and wear a mouth cap. restaurants Open, limited number of people, book in advance, keep your distance. hotels

Open, limited number of people, book in advance, keep your distance in common areas.

Many hotels in Northern Italy are closed, please contact your accommodation.

amusement parks Possibly open, keep your distance, limited number of visitors. Mouth mask at the entrance and measurement of body temperature mandatory. museums, concert halls, theaters

Museums open with restrictions (see theme parks). Concert halls and theaters open (inside max 200 pers. And outside max 1000 pers.).

Keep your distance, limited number of visitors. Possible mouth mask at the entrance and measurement of body temperature.

Discotheques are closed.

the beach

Open with restrictions (keep 1.5 meters away, limited number of visitors).

Swimming caps are mandatory in swimming pools in Northern Italy and a limited number of visitors can enter.


open for day visitors Some are open, please contact the property overnight Some are open, please contact the property shared sanitary facilities Some have been opened, with measures


events requiring permits

Allowed if distance (1 meter) can be maintained.

Pre-assigned seats.

From August 16: all dance parties (both indoors and outdoors) at all public locations (such as discos, etc.) have been canceled.

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From 1 September: public sports with a maximum of 1000 spectators (outside) or 200 spectators (inside) are allowed. National sports competitions remain prohibited.

limitation of the number of people

Inside: max 200

Outside: max 1000


roadside assistance


In the event of a breakdown, call the Emergency Center: 088 269 2888 or 070 314 14 14

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