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Status: 19.01.2021 2:31 p.m.

After today’s federal-state conference, Prime Minister Daniel Günther will provide information about the current Corona situation and possible further measures in Schleswig-Holstein. shows the press conference in a live stream.

Relaxation, which many have been hoping for for weeks, will, according to all indications, not be an issue at the upcoming meeting: In view of the Infection numbers that are still high, the conference of Schleswig-Holstein’s Prime Minister Daniel Günther and the other state leaders with Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) is all about tightening the measures.

Günther: “Curfews are not an effective means for SH”

The idea of ​​expanding the home office and completely forbidding unnecessary trips to the office is on the table. Another question is whether shopping and public transport Masks of the FFP2 standard should be made mandatory. And the subject of curfew, as it has been in place in Bavaria for a few weeks, should also be discussed. In the eyes of Prime Minister Daniel Günther (CDU), however, this is out of the question for Schleswig-Holstein.

“We have a clear view on the subject of ‘curfew’. And we currently have an incidence of such a magnitude that I do not consider it an effective remedy. Besides, I do not have the impression that at the times when in other federal states such curfews are imposed, especially many people are on the streets and on the move. ”
Schleswig-Holstein’s Prime Minister Daniel Günther

According to Günther, the curfews – as well as the restriction of the range of motion to 15 kilometers – have so far not shown any great steering effect.

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Encouragement for more home offices and FFP2

In general, the infection numbers showed that the tightened measures are taking effect in Schleswig-Holstein, said Günther. Compared to the first lockdown last year, the CDU politician still sees opportunities for more people to work from home. This also relieves the burden on local public transport, according to the Prime Minister – and he could also imagine an FFP2 mask requirement for all public areas in which no minimum distances can be observed.

After the consultation: Statement in the video livestream

After the Prime Ministers of the federal states agreed with Chancellor Merkel on how to proceed, Günther then informed the public – to see in the Video live stream from NDR Schleswig-Holstein.

SPD: Midyatli calls for home office to be compulsory

Schleswig-Holstein’s SPD state chairman Serpil Midyatli also called for the corona measures in the working environment to be tightened. She referred to data from the union-related Hans Böckler Foundation, according to which more than half of employees in Germany could work from home – currently less than a fifth.

“There, contacts can be reduced even more. That is why we need home office compulsory for the next few weeks.”
Serpil Midyatli, SPD state chairman in Schleswig-Holstein

Of course, working from home is impossible in some professions. “In many companies, however, people still insist on being present without compelling reasons,” said Midyatli. In cases of doubt, employers should therefore have to provide a justification if their employees work in the company premises.

Mutations in the virus are of concern


Prime Minister Günther wants to observe the mutations of the virus very closely, and they already do have been found sporadically in Schleswig-Holstein – and in some cases are considered to be significantly more contagious. Günther wants to keep this open, if necessary, to sharpen some measures. Scientists are still researching how dangerous the variants discovered in Great Britain and South Africa actually are, what their properties mean for the dynamics of the pandemic and how the vaccines developed to date react to them. Basically, virus mutations are nothing unusual – but what is certain is that they will make the fight to contain the coronavirus much more difficult.

Günther suggests a perspective plan

Daniel Günther thinks it is necessary to work out a perspective plan in the coming weeks. “What frustrates a lot of people is that they don’t see any perspective at all,” says the Prime Minister, “but that you keep holding a new conference and then simply extending or tightening measures over and over again.” For February, March and April it must be clearly shown in which stages – depending on the respective incidence value – there are chances of easing.

This topic in the program:

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