Corona measures are being relaxed in these European countries NOW

A few European countries have chosen this week to gradually relax the corona measures. provides an overview.

After Easter, small shops and parks may reopen in Austria, Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz decided on Monday. According to him, this is possible because Austria, compared to other countries, has taken faster and more intensive measures to combat the spread of the coronavirus.

In the area of ​​mouth covering, the rules are becoming stricter. Face masks are mandatory in public transport and in shops that are allowed to open the doors again. Recently mouth masks are already mandatory in supermarkets. A scarf may also be used instead of a mask.

If things go well, Kurz wants larger shops and hairdressers to open in May. Hotels and restaurants follow two weeks later. Schools remain closed until May and major events are prohibited until late June.

If the number of registered infections and deaths in Denmark remains ‘under control’, schools will reopen from 15 April. Childcare can also open its doors again on that date.

Large gatherings, such as concerts, are still prohibited. The Danes also have to social distancing keep doing. The Danes have to prove themselves especially this Easter weekend, according to Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen. If the rules are not followed this weekend, the schools will still be closed.

Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg announced at a press conference on Tuesday that her government will relax some measures in phases. “We have the virus under control, so we can gradually open up society again,” said Solberg. The lockdown in Norway ended on April 13. Less stringent measures then apply.

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For example, schools will reopen during the week of April 20 and Norwegians will be allowed to travel to their holiday homes in the mountains again from April 20. However, Norwegian citizens will have to work from home for the time being and according to Solberg it will “take a long time” before all measures are lifted.

Czech Republic
The Czech Republic, which has seen the number of infections decrease in recent days, is also relaxing the measures. Sports where you do not come into contact with other people, such as tennis and golf, are allowed again.

In addition, certain ‘hobby shops’, such as hardware stores and bicycle repair shops, may also open the doors again.

From April 14, Czechs are allowed to leave the country again. For this they have to give a good reason and on return two weeks in self-isolation.

What about the Netherlands?
The Netherlands is not yet ready. The government also does not yet know how long it will take before the corona measures can be relaxed.

Prime Minister Mark Rutte said Tuesday at a news conference that a return to normal life will be “a long-term affair”. He added that a relaxation of the measures is only possible if everyone continues to comply with the rules.

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