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Status: 01/29/2023 11:18 am

In local and long-distance transport, the mask requirement due to Corona will soon be history. In the health sector, it applies even longer. Lower Saxony’s Health Minister Andreas Philippi wants – and has to – wait and see.

“I would advise a bit of composure. I wouldn’t start arguing about the mask requirement for three or four weeks now,” said Andreas Philippi (SPD). The law expires on April 7 anyway. He advises a scientific evaluation. If it turns out that it would make sense to abolish the obligation to wear masks in medical practices and hospitals earlier, the federal government would have to regulate this, the minister said. The obligation to wear masks in the healthcare system is regulated by the Infection Protection Act and is therefore a federal matter; the federal states cannot revoke it independently. The German Hospital Society (DKG) recently called for the mask requirement to be lifted in the healthcare sector.

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VIDEO: Head of panel doctor for the end of the mask requirement in medical practices (01/23/2023) (2 min)

Philippi relies on personal responsibility

Philippi pointed out that people sit in the doctor’s offices “because they feel sick or because they are sick. And especially there and also in the retirement homes or in nursing homes, also in the hospitals there are sick people per se, and they are too to protect”. For the fall, he relies on personal responsibility. Everyone should stock up on a few masks and decide when they want to put on a mass depending on the situation. Philippi is a specialist in surgery and emergency medicine and has taken over the Ministry of Health from Daniela Behrens.

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Further information

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The Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians is in favor of an end to the regulation, Lower Saxony’s Medical Association President considers this to be negligent. (01/23/2023) more

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This was announced by Health Minister Behrens (SPD). The Marburger Bund warns: If you are sick, stay at home. (01/13/2023) more

Andreas Philippi (SPD) receives his certificate of appointment as Minister from Prime Minister Stephan Weil (SPD).  © dpa-Bildfunk Photo: Michael Matthey

The 57-year-old surgeon is a healthcare professional. He comes to Lower Saxony from the Bundestag. (01/25/2023) more

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