Corona law 2.0 seems to appeal to the House of Representatives | Politics

Despite all the protests, the special corona law seems to have passed through the House of Representatives silently. In an hour-long debate, a majority of the House showed that it would agree.

This is mainly because the law has been thoroughly renovated. For example, the House of Representatives will have more say if corona measures are taken. The cabinet must submit this at least a week in advance. Except in the event of an emergency, but then the House can reverse a measure within a few days afterwards.

Moreover, the temporary law will not apply for six, but for three months. And in case of violation of the corona rules, the fine will be lower, namely no longer 390 but 95 euros.

All in all, the majority of the House of Representatives sees improvements in the law compared to the current situation, whereby measures are taken by means of emergency regulations.


The parties did regret that the first version of the law, in which the role of parliament was smaller, has provoked so many protests. According to opposition parties SGP, GroenLinks, 50Plus and PvdA, this has now been adjusted.

“This law ensures that necessary measures can be taken, but at the same time that limits can also be set by the House of Representatives,” said Kathalijne Buitenweg (GroenLinks).

The PVV in particular continues to criticize the restriction of freedoms. After all: by law the 1.5 meter distance can be enforced and in principle also the wearing of mouth masks. “The cabinet should provide more tests, enough medicines and sufficient IC beds. Then this whole law would have been superfluous, ” said PVV MP Gidi Markuszower.

Tomorrow the cabinet will respond to questions that are still alive, but there seems to be little that stands in the way of the law.

Watch our videos about the corona crisis here.

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