Corona Korea increasingly horrified, hospital mattress threatened to run out

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The corona (Covid-19) case in South Korea is getting worse. There was even a triple digit increase, 16 days in a row.

This fact prolongs the second wave of infection. This has made some concerned that the country will be short of beds, especially in the capital city of Seoul.

The Ministry of Health reports there are only 4.5% of large beds in Seoul for critical patients. Whereas previously, the figure was 22%.

“Only about 15 beds are immediately available in the Seoul area, which is greater, for patients in critical condition. Because there are many patients who are in serious condition and need to be hospitalized,” said local public health policy director general Yoon Tae. ho quoted Reuters, Saturday (29/8/2020).

The Korea Center for Control and Prevention (KCDC) recorded 308 cases as of midnight Friday (28/8/2020). Most of them are in Seoul and the surrounding area.

New clusters take place in churches, offices, nursing homes and medical facilities. Even after officials tightened social distancing rules

One of them is Jeil’s Nest Church in Seoul. At least 1000 people have been tracked to stem the spread of corona.

This church epidemic led to the emergence of 25 new clusters. More than 300 people have tested positive by the KCDC.

The revival of cases has brought the total reported Covid-19 cases in the country to 19,400. Including 321 deaths.

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