Corona is spreading at care center Vaartland: 28 residents infected, 1 resident died | Broadcaster Vlaardingen

Corona is spreading around care center Vaartland: 28 residents infected, 1 resident died

In the Vaartland care center, the corona virus is rampant. In a short time, 28 residents in the care center on the Dillenburgsingel in Vlaardingen became infected. One resident of these died from the effects of the virus.

This is what Roel van Tongeren, director of healthcare, of the Frankeland group told the radio program Vlaardingenandaag on Monday. “No one was infected last week. No resident, no staff member. But if we now look at the current situation, 28 residents are infected and 8 staff members, one of whom has also died. “

Van Tongeren tried to find out the cause of the outbreak. , The brasseries of all our locations were open again. In that brasserie there has been a resident who has sat at the table and infected table companions, even though they were at a distance of one and a half meters. “The Frankeland group has now decided to close all brasseries again.

“We will not completely close our organizations to visitors. That is an inhumane measure. “People who visit the residents are given a surgical mouth mask by Vaartland.” A maximum of two visitors per resident is allowed once a day. As a result, we limit the movements in our organization. “

Van Tongeren emphasizes the dilemma that nursing homes are struggling with. “This is a very difficult period. Many elderly people indicate: ‘How long do I still have to live? Please show me my grandchildren. ‘ We have to move in between. “


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