Corona: Infections within the family are increasing

The latest report from the Roman Health Authority shows the importance of compliance by all citizens. The number of infections within the own family increases.

The latest report from the Roman Health Authority shows the importance of compliance by all citizens. (Photo: LPA / pixabay)

One month after the start of the spread of the coronavirus in Italy, the highest health authority in Rome (Istituto Superiore di Sanità) published the first epidemiological report as of March 20.

The document shows how fundamental it is for all citizens to observe the correct rules of conduct.

In the past few days, it has also happened in South Tyrol that people have not complied with the prescribed rules for curbing the corona virus and that penalties have been issued. For example, a group of children playing in a park was found to show that one child and one mother were infected with the corona virus.

In another case, a patient made the emergency call because of a health problem, but did not state that he had tested positive and thus jeopardized the health of the paramedics.

Contagion through contacts with infected people

The epidemiological report by the health authority shows that the infection with the coronavirus occurred in Italy in all cases. The only exception is the first three cases that occurred in Lazio and are most likely due to infection in China.

This means that the infections – also in South Tyrol – were caused by contacts with infected people. Primarily, these are close contacts with limited transmission chains, but in a second they are also contacts with unknown people who – even temporarily – were in the same place as the infected person. It is believed that there are many people who have no symptoms but are infected with the virus and who, when they leave home, can pass it on to people with a weaker immune system.

Keep social contacts to a minimum

Overall, the number of cases of infection within the family increases. In order to interrupt the transmission chain, it is therefore essential to limit social contacts as much as possible. People who already have a positive smear result and who have no symptoms, and people in quarantine must not have any contact with other people at all.

During a rescue operation (which is guaranteed in any case), rescue workers must be informed in advance about their own infection situation in order to give them the opportunity to protect themselves.

Corona virus website

On the specially set up for the corona virus website In the country, WHO and Istituto Superiore di Sanità recommendations for people in quarantine can be downloaded.

The epidemiological report of the highest health authority in Rome can be viewed at this link.




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