Corona infections among the elderly in Twente are increasing: “Keep your distance”

The number of corona infections is also rising sharply in Twente. Last week, 224 people from Twente were tested positive for the corona virus. Where previously mainly young people were infected, the GGD is now seeing more and more elderly people who have the virus.

“You can now clearly see a shift from the young to the elderly”, says Erik Maarsingh of the GGD Twente. “A few weeks ago, it was mainly 15 to 25-year-olds that were in the picture. Now you see a shift to over 60 years, the parents of this group. That has to do with people getting closer to each other than it is automatic that the elderly also become infected. “

Young people ignite the elderly

The GGD urges the elderly and people with vulnerable health to continue to adhere to the corona rules. “I would like to urge them to keep their distance and wash their hands properly,” says Maarsingh. “Because the older group is often much more vulnerable and has to be hospitalized earlier.”

Do the young people ignite that the older ones? Maarsingh: “In the end that is the case. Young people used to spend a lot of time with each other during the summer holidays, but now that the nicer weather is slowly over, they go indoors again and as a result more infections occur in the older group.”

Because of the increasing infections among the elderly, the GGD sees that this group has also been testing for the virus much more since more than a week and a half.

The curve really shoots up. There is still no prospect of a deflecting effect

GGD Twente

Much more corona infections

Corona infections are increasing rapidly in Twente, although the region is still far below the average that currently applies in the Randstad. While 0.4 percent of people were tested positive at the beginning of September, this has now risen to 4.7 percent.

“Of course that’s worrisome. That’s twelve times higher,” says Maarsingh. “The curve really shoots up. There is no sign of a deflecting effect yet.”


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