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The Tönnies group is said to have made to the Corona-scandal in Rheda-wiedenbrücker meat plant false claims. Now, however, statement stands against statement.

Eddy to the canteen Video!

It is a short Clip from the Tönnies-canteen. To see employees sitting tightly Packed with small tables, without any protection against the Corona effect are. Tönnies spokesperson André a lot of cities, said of the IMAGE: “The Video is from the end of March.”

Thursday evening, reported to the “SWR”, the Video was later created. On 8. April. At this time, a Hygiene-regulation of the state of NRW in force, the conditions like in the Video clearly said already.

Tönnies had failed to act against Corona rules!

The SWR the matter was reported to the track as he sought the metadata of the Clips. Date of recording is according to the transmitter 8. April at 8.39 PM. A Tönnies spokesperson acknowledged the SWR allegations on Thursday evening.

But now, the group revokes his statement!

“Now, we have done internal research and can prove that the Video was already recorded at the end of March – at least 28. March,“ said spokesman André a lot of cities. You have the 8. April as a release date, only “after massive media pressure” is confirmed, in order to respond to the allegations. “This was, in retrospect, certainly a mistake.”

The company have, however, started immediately with your own research, and could well prove to have does NOT violate the constraints.

IMAGE this evidence is not available up to now.



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