Corona in Offenbach: Incidence reaches high – new death

New infections with the corona virus continue to increase in the Offenbach region. The incidence in the city of Offenbach has reached a new high.

  • In the whole region around Offenbach take the New infections With Corona further to.
  • The city Offenbach reports a 7-day incidence of over 180.
  • At schools in Offenbach Stricter rules apply from Tuesday.

+++ 4.20 p.m .: The cities and towns in Odenwaldkreis close given the development of Corona case numbers from now until further notice their communal halls and other public buildings for sports and exercise operations. The mayor and district administrator Frank Matiaske decided in a conference call. This is excluded according to the regulation of the country Hessen contactless physical education in elementary schools.

Corona in the Odenwaldkreis: Numbers are skyrocketing

Im Odenwaldkreis Meanwhile, twelve other people are positive for that Coronavirus been tested. There are now a total of 679 confirmed across the district Corona-Cases. The state of Hesse is currently calculating one for the district 7 day incidence of 130.4 (as of October 26, 00:00). This is another increase, but “only” in the single-digit range.

There were 124 new infections in the past seven days. The main areas are still the sub-regions Gersprenztal with 56 cases (Reichelsheim 13, Brensbach 40, Franconian Crumbach 3) and Lower cent with 40 cases (Maximum 13, Breuberg 21, Lützelbach 6). Nine patients are currently being treated as inpatients in the Odenwaldkreis, six of them in the Odenwaldkreis Health Center (GZO) in Erbach and three in clinics outside the district. Two corona test results are still pending in the GZO.

Corona in Offenbach: Number of cases increased again

First report from October 26th, 2003, 3:30 p.m .: Offenbach – The number of Corona cases in the city Offenbach has risen again. The health department reported ten new infections on Monday (October 26th, 2020). Three new cases are contact persons, the seven others Corona– The source of the disease is still being determined for infected people.

The 7 day incidence in the city Offenbach has increased dramatically compared to the previous day and is 182.7 cases per 100,000 inhabitants. Currently there are 343 people in the city of Offenbach with the Coronavirus infected. 15 are being treated in hospital. The city of Offenbach has issued strict corona restrictions.

Corona in Offenbach: Incidence is increasing dramatically

There are 328 people in quarantine at home who are positive for Corona have been tested. 697 other people are in the city Offenbach in quarantine because she made contact with a positive one Corona tested person or have returned from a risk area.

In the city Offenbach So far there have been 15 deaths related to one Corona-Disease standing. A 78-year-old person with multiple previous illnesses died on Sunday. Six people died in Offenbach within 20 days. Three of the deceased were housed in a care facility.

Corona in Offenbach: strict rules in schools

From Tuesday onwards, due to the Corona-Developing stricter rules. The circle Offenbach reported on Sunday that students in several schools in the region had been quarantined. That affected them Max Eyth School in Dreieich-Sprendlingen, the Oswald von Breuning School in Roedermark – Ober-Roden, that one Münchhausen School in Rodgau-Hainhausen and the Freiherr vom Stein School in Rodgau-Dudenhofen.

A banner over Berliner Strasse in Offenbach indicates that people should keep their distance. The corona cases in the region continue to rise.

© Andreas Arnold / dpa

At the Erich Kästner School in Long The health department has not yet imposed a written quarantine, said headmistress Heike Huck. As a national school, you are in contact with four health departments, not just the district health department Offenbach. As a precautionary measure, students can be picked up by their parents in suspected cases.

Corona in the Offenbach region: Almost all districts have an incidence of over 100

The Hessian Ministry of Social Affairs publishes the current daily Corona infections for Hessen. In the cities and counties in the region around Offenbach the corona cases continue to rise dramatically. On Monday (October 26, 2020) the Ministry of Social Affairs reported 127 New infections in Frankfurt. Frankfurt still has the highest 7-day incidence with an incidence of around 200, followed by the city of Offenbach with an incidence of 178.4.

  • city Offenbach: Infected 1,113 (+73), deaths 15 (+1), 7-day incidence 178.4
  • Offenbach district: Infected 2,124 (+76), deaths 49, 7-day incidence 108.7
  • city Darmstadt: Infected 848 (+42), deaths 18, 7-day incidence 140.7
  • city Frankfurt: Infected 6,658 (+127), deaths 86, 7-day incidence 199.6
  • Odenwaldkreis: Infected 671 (+13), deaths 63, 7-day incidence 130.4
  • Main-Kinzig district: Infected 2,217, deaths 55, 7-day incidence 109.9
  • circle Darmstadt-Dieburg: Infected 1,281 (+42), deaths 23 (+1), 7-day incidence 114.1
  • circle Bergstrasse: Infected 1,105, deaths 5, 7-day incidence 90.2

Due to different reporting channels, the figures reported by ministries and districts or cities may differ slightly.

Corona hotline for Offenbach

Since the corona virus causes a large number of questions among the citizens, the Offenbach district switches one Corona-Hotline by phone 06074 8180-2222 and email This is manned Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and on weekends from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. (Sarah Neumeyer)

List of rubric lists: © Andreas Arnold / dpa

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