Corona in figures: slight decrease and test capacity increasing

Haarlem105 is investigating it and has examined the corona figures for the Haarlem and Heemstede area. The corona curve appears to be starting a cautious downward trend. In the meantime, the GGD is further expanding the testing capacity. And the Minister of Health Hugo de Jonge said on Wednesday that the figures do not look good and that has consequences: “Assume a partial lockdown until mid-January.”


Up to and including Tuesday, November 24, 4006 people have been tested positive for the virus in Haarlem so far. A week ago, this number was 3741. In one week, 256 people were added, 12 fewer than the week before. Up to now, 120 people have been hospitalized with the coronavirus; one more than two weeks ago. No new deaths from COVID-19 have been reported in the last three weeks. In total, 86 Haarlem residents died of the virus.


In Heemstede there are so far 597 people positive tested for the virus. That is 45 more than last week. Since the start of the outbreak, 18 people with the coronavirus have been hospitalized. That is one more than last week. A total of 35 people have died from the corona virus. No new deaths from COVID-19 have occurred since October 14.

Test capacity

The Expo Haarlem test street has been further expanded since Tuesday. Instead of a maximum of 1800 people, as of today more than 3500 people per day can go for a test. The second hall at the Expo Haarlemmermeer in Vijfhuizen has been opened for this purpose. Spokesperson of the GGD Kennemerland: “We are taking steps to comply with the wish of the Ministry of Health, Welfare & Sport to increase the national testing capacity”. For most people, the results will follow within 24 hours. The XL test street at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol will also open on 1 December.


The Netherlands has been in a partial lockdown since 14 October for more than a month. Since Thursday, November 18, the Dutch can again go to the cinema, the theater, amusement parks and music halls, the library and to a concert. All other measures, which took effect on October 14, will remain in force for the time being and may even be tightened, the minister of health Hugo De Jonge said on Wednesday. The decline is going too slowly, which is why the minister is tempering expectations: “Assume a partial lockdown until mid-January”.

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