Corona in 24 hours | High injuries .. and 7 unexpected symptoms and p

Today, Saturday, the Ministry of Health and Population announced that 51 people recovering from the Corona virus have been discharged from hospitals, after receiving the necessary medical care and recovery according to the guidelines of the World Health Organization, bringing the total of those recovering from the virus to 97,643 cases until today.

And Dr. Natalie Lambert of Indiana University, American College of Medicine, conducted a survey on a group of people with Covid-19, who had strange, long-term, and unusual symptoms.

“Masrawy” monitors the most prominent news about the Corona virus in Egypt and the world:

“Rise again” … Health announces a statement of Corona injuries and deaths on Saturday

Al-Mashat: Egypt was a pioneer in its response to the Corona pandemic

Al-Fakharani: I am not afraid of Corona … and I am committed to the precautionary measures during filming

The “Mental Health” Union: Corona treatment affects depression and the stigma of the disease is still present

Ahmed Okasha reviews the psychological effects of Covid 19 and how can they be overcome?

Away from coughing and fever … 7 unexpected symptoms that indicate infection with corona

“A lifeline for the Egyptians” .. Health calls on Egyptians to continue applying the precautionary measures

It provides protection from the two diseases … developing a vaccine that fights corona and influenza together

5 tips to promote mental health: Stay away from Corona news … and support others

Trump underwent … a new treatment to fight corona with antibodies

The fifth case in 48 hours … the death of a Corona patient in Kafr El-Sheikh

Read the news once or twice .. 5 health tips to get rid of Corona anxiety

Two months after her recovery … Corona penetrates the eye of a woman

“Including Corona and Influenza” … They are more likely to be infected with respiratory viruses

Corona today: When do you get rid of the muzzle after vaccination? … and how long does the virus remain on the skin

New research reveals how long corona lives on human skin

Bavaria warns: We are heading towards an “exponential increase” in Corona injuries

Scientists reveal why some Corona patients suffer from great risks

Corona in the Arab world: A remarkable decrease in the number of injuries in Iraq … and Tunisia, the highest daily toll

The number of deaths in Corona in Brazil exceeds 150,000

France reports nearly 27,000 new cases of Corona

Demonstration against Corona restrictions in Italy

Coronavirus infections in Lebanon have risen to 52,558

Pelosi refuses to offer the White House economic stimulus plan

The outbreak of Corona infection in Stuttgart has passed the critical point

Thousands of Israelis organize protest rallies against Netanyahu, despite Corona restrictions

Algeria records 6 deaths and 136 new cases of coronavirus

More than 58 thousand cases … America records the highest level of Corona cases in two months


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