Corona demos: Merkel apparently suspects Putin as the instigator of the protests

Corona demos in Germany: Thousands demonstrate against conditions in Berlin, Dortmund, Munich and Stuttgart. FDP politician Thomas Kemmerich was present in Gera.

Update from May 12, 1:33 p.m.: There has been a lot of “disinformation” since the Corona crisis. The increasing spread of Conspiracy theories* all around the pandemic, even domestic politicians from the federal and state governments are now on the scene – with the next one Conference of Interior Ministers they should be an issue.

The CDU interior expert Armin Schuster called meanwhile for contentual discussion with corona protest groups like “Not without us” or “Resistance 2020” on. “To dismiss these groups as spinners is too short for me,” said Schuster recently Rheinische Post. “We have to politically position them with their nonsense and expose them as saboteurs to our globally recognized infection protection success.”

Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) based on the Corona demos, from “Organized disinformation from Russia” have spoken. She wants that picture from de Switch with the CDU Presidium * from May 11th. Merkel therefore described the protests as “worrying”.

Corona demos: horror over Kemmerich – who talks about “next time”

Update from May 12, 8.26 a.m .: After the partly aggressive protests against government regulations because of the Corona crisis the head of the German Trade Union Confederation, Reiner Hoffmannwho called on citizens distance from radical forces. “With all understanding for people’s concerns: I can only warn against joining an alliance of conspiracy theorists, right-wing extremists and science deniers,” Hoffmann told the German Press Agency.

Thomas Kemmerich.

© dpa / Martin Schutt

Update from May 11th, 6:22 pm: After spending the weekend at one Demonstration against the corona restrictions participated and for it a lot criticism had harvested, the Thuringia
r FDP chief Thomas Kemmerich via Twitter reported and defended again. “Why was I in Gera? Because I don’t want parts of the middle class with their worries from the AfD be captured, ”the 55-year-old writes about the short message service.

Because of his negative attitude towards representatives and supporters of the AfD, he was told by the demonstration also addressed verbally: “Because of my distance to the right, I was shouted down by them there”.

Also to the allegations that he had none Respirator worn, said theFDP politician. “Such as. the police on site did not wear my face mask all the time. I would do it differently next time, ”writes Kemmerich. So Kemmerich does not seem to rule out attending another demonstration against the corona restrictions.

Corona demos in Germany: horror over Kemmerich – CSU general with frontal attack

Update from May 11, 2:19 p.m .: The participation of FDP politician Thomas Kemmerich at a Demonstration against corona restrictions has CSU general secretary Markus Blume prompted to critically criticize the party. “Fuses blow at the FDPChristian Lindner does not have his party under control, ”said the CSU politician at the German Press Agency in Munich. He further said at the FDP row total failure after total failure.

Blume criticized the corona protest of the Thuringian FDP chief with reference to the fact that Kemmerich demonstrate with right-wing extremists and conspiracy theorists and in doing so violate the duty to wear distance and a mask. And also the statement of the FDP vice Michael Theurer about the mayor and Green politician of Tübingen, who is “on the ethical side” Boris Palmer is unsustainable for flower. Theurer had described Palmer as a “clever mind” and, given the Greens’ demands to quit the party, had located him near the FDP.

Demos against corona restrictions: Kemmerich’s participation by party colleagues criticized

Update from May 11, 11:54 a.m .: After this FDP politician Thomas Kemmerich on a weekend Demonstration against corona restrictions involved without doing one suitable protective mask* to wear or to pay attention to the required minimum distance to other people, now sounds from the ranks of free democrats more and more criticism. So had party leader Christian Lindner already announced on Sunday via Twitter that he had “no understanding” of Kemmerich’s behavior.

Corona demos in Germany: horror over Kemmerich – party colleague: “is an embarrassing guy”

And also FDP interior expert Konstantin Kuhle went to his party colleagues in conversation with the pictureNewspaper massively. “If a certain role model function as a politician then you have to either do that at such demonstrations Observe distance rules* or wear a face mask. Who doesn’t do that acts negligent, is a bad role model and frankly it’s too an embarrassing guy“Criticized Kuhle the Thuringian FDP boss.

That Kemmerich had disregarded both of the precautionary measures addressed by Kuhle was in the pictures Demonstration with about 600 participants in Gera seen on Saturday. The participation of AfD representatives of the protests ensured that Kemmerich’s behavior was criticized. “He thereby weakened the arguments of the FDP,” said Lindner on Monday in the RTLShow “Good Morning Germany”.

Demos against corona restrictions: Lindner criticizes Kemmerich sharply on TV

The FDP federal chairman emphasized that his party was for one better balance health protection with freedom, social and economic life. But you can not close to right-wing extremists, the AfD, the left or conspiracy theorists come, Lindner demanded. “That weakens a serious party’s concern in the middle,” he said.

Kemmerich has meanwhile granted, during the weekend rally to have behaved incorrectly. He emphasized that there was no sympathy for the AfD. Yet demand first party colleagues, including FDP federal board member Marie-Agnes Strack-Zimmermann, now even the Kemmerich’s withdrawal from the FDP, reports the Image newspaper.

In this regard however warned Kuhle against hasty action. “Anyone who has ever dealt with party exclusion procedures knows that this is not an easy number, but that you have to think very carefully about it,” said the interior expert. Precisely because it is such a “difficult story”, something like this has to be discussed and decided in peace in the responsible committees. “We have next week Monday federal board meeting, that’s where it belongs and then you can discuss it, ”he announced.

Chancellor Angela Merkel and the members of the Corona Cabinet also had a lot to discuss on Monday morning. In a meeting you discussed how to proceed in the Corona crisis.

Demos against corona restrictions – CDU general secretary warns of infiltration

Update from May 11, 8:44 a.m .: In some German cities, thousands of people took to the streets at the weekend to against the To demonstrate limitations in the corona crisis. It was not uncommon for distance rules and the ban on large assemblies to be disregarded.

Now has CDU general secretary Paul Ziemiak warned against the infiltration of the protests against the state requirements to contain the coronavirus. “We don’t allow that Extremists use the corona crisis as a platform for their anti-democratic propaganda abuse“, He told the Augsburger Allgemeine (Monday edition). As a people’s party, the CDU always takes citizens’ concerns seriously. And the party is also grateful that the vast majority of Germans support the restrictions with a lot of understanding, Ziemiak emphasized. “But it is also clear that we act consistently against those who now the concerns of citizens with Fuel conspiracy theories and bring fake news into circulation. “

Also SPD leader Saskia Esken was critical of corona demonstrations. who deny the pandemic and calls for violation of protective regulations, exploit people’s insecurity “shamelessly”, she said. She further emphasized that spreading false messages about the corona pandemic was aimed at “destabilizing and dividing society”. She also called for “clarification” to respond. She also appealed to the citizens who approved the restrictions.

By the way: Christian Deutschländer, head of the political editorial department at Munich’s Merkur, also commented on the demonstrations against the corona restrictions last weekend. The Images make “in the mind” doubt, commented the editor.

And while the demonstrations against Corona restrictions were in full swing at the weekend, many people are now also concerned with the question: Where to spend the summer vacation in Corona times? Which countries will probably let tourists enter again in the foreseeable future read also*.

Before going on vacation, many children and adolescents also have school classes in attendance form on the program. But the association of cities and municipalities has now warned of massive difficulties in gradually resuming school operations.

Demos against Corona restrictions: FDP politician Kemmerich also participates – Lindner reacts

Update from May 10th, 1:56 pm:After his party colleague from Thuringia, Thomas Kemmerich, at a Demonstration against the applicable corona rules had also participated FDP-Chef Christian Lindner a. He condemned Kemmerich’s behavior via Twitter: “@KemmerichThL’s action weakens our arguments. I have no understanding for that“Says Linder via Twitter.

“Anyone who campaigns for civil rights and an intelligent opening strategy does not demonstrate with obscure circles and does not forego distance and protection,” continues Lindner.

Thousands demonstrate against corona restrictions: Kemmerich too – now there are serious allegations

First report from May 10th:

Munich / Berlin / Dortmund – The Lockdown in Germany had come into force after pictures from Italy had triggered fears of an overload of the health system in this country too. According to the Johns Hopkins University It has been proven that 171,324 people in Germany were infected with the coronavirus and 7,594 patients died in connection with it.

Against continuing restrictions Thousands of people took to the streets nationwide on Saturday. The main motives for the protests are the restrictions on private and economic life, however Border closings* and fear of injury from Fundamental rights – for example before new laws on the use of Vaccines*, which in many places are significantly fueled by conspiracy theorists. The grand coalition had already rejected speculation that vaccination was mandatory.

Sometimes, however, also mixed right-wing extremist groups among the demonstrators or called for their own demonstrations. In Thuringia, the demonstrations were accompanied by the AfD and political prominence from the FDP.

Corona demos in Germany: violent clashes in Berlin

More than a thousand people had gathered for an undeclared demonstration on Alexanderplatz in Berlin. As the police said on Twitter, they were asked to leave the square.

After some of the police did not comply, dismissals had been given and – at resistance – “simple physical violence” was used. An AFP journalist reported that the Protesters Bottles had been thrown. TV chef Attila Hildmann was among those detained by the police.

At a meeting on Reichstag building there were about 30 arrests. For several weeks now, up to 50 people have been demonstrating on Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz.

Corona demos in Germany: Thomas Kemmerich demonstrates in Thuringia

Thuringia’s former prime minister announced on Twitter Thomas Kemmerich (FDP)*, who was elected prime minister in February with AfD votes to take part in a demonstration in Gera participated in “proportionality”. He distanced himself from the AfD, however, according to a report by the editorial network Germany also took part AfD politician attend the meeting.

Criticism of him came promptly – also on Twitter and in the person of his predecessor and successor, Bodo Ramelow (Die LINKE):

Ramelow neither forwarded a newspaper report that Kemmerich accuses distance to have held another mask to have worn and thus not to have fulfilled its role model function. Pictures also show this. Other FDP members also criticized Kemmerich – also for being with him AfD officials in protests.

Thomas Kemmerich after the Prime Minister election in Thuringia in February

© dpa / Martin Schutt

Corona demos: AfD and right-wing extremists among the demonstrators

Many people may justify legitimate concerns about fundamental rights – the proportionality of the lockdown is now also being questioned by experts. The problem with this, however, is that it is simply not differentiated from right-wing radicals and conspiracy theorists. This is shown, among other things, by a user’s videos on Twitter:

The user filmed like several hundred people walk through a street and demonstrate clearly – on his private blog he reports that there was, among other things, a radical right-wing city council among the demonstrators. Despite failure to comply with the distance requirement, the police present had made no attempts to dissolve the assembly.

Corona demos in Germany: Munich ignore distance requirement

Also in Dortmund and Berlin According to AFP, right-wing extremists had mixed up with demonstrations – the two demos were resolved with loudspeaker announcements. At a meeting in Munich, the extreme right spectrum 36 personal details recorded in front of the town hall.

Overall found next to Berlin, Gera, Dortmund and Munich yesterday also demonstrations in Bremen, Stuttgart and Plauen instead – where the protests were mostly peaceful, according to AFP reports. In Munich the police had to intervene: with more than thousand participants far more than the registered number of 80 people had gathered at Marienplatz, compliance with the Distance bidding was no longer possible, the protest escalated in Nuremberg.

Slogans at the demonstration in Cologne – Here people were asked by participants to enter shops without masks in the future.

AFP / cat

* is part of the Germany-wide Ippen-Digital editors network.

List of rubric lists: © dpa / Jesco Denzel

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