Corona crisis in the USA: Donald Trump wants to suspend immigration and pushes ahead with building the wall

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In the US corona crisis, Donald Trump continues to fight the “invisible enemy” in his own way. Thousands protest the lockdown. The news ticker.

  • Coronavirus Sars-CoV-2*: The USA is the country most affected by the pandemic worldwide: All previous information in the previous news ticker
  • new York is the hotspot of the corona pandemic in the United States
  • US president Donald Trump* Cheers up protests against corona restrictions – expert warns of new surge.

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+++ 11.19 p.m .: In many cities in the USA it happened in the past few days Protests against measures to contain the Corona pandemic. Around 2,000 demonstrators gathered in Olympia, the capital of the state of Washington – mostly without a face mask. Protests and distance were also the exception in protests in other cities such as Denver (Colorado), Harrisburg (Pennsylvania) or Sacramente (California).

According to an expert, this could have serious consequences for the corona crisis in the USA: Eric Feigl-Ding, epidemiologist at the renowned Harvard University, commented on the pictures from Olympia in a Twitter post as follows: “I predict a new epidemic wave Because of the crowded masses, there will be a further increase in corona infections in two to four weeks, which is due to this.

The protests, which are largely organized by three brothers known as gun rights activists, have received a lot of media attention in the United States. But surveys show that a large part of the US population is behind the exit restrictions to curb the novel Coronavirus Sars-CoV-2 stands. This also applies to conservative voters. More than 760,000 corona infections and approximately 41,000 deaths have been confirmed in the United States. That is more than in any other country in the world. US President Donald Trump, who wants to be re-elected for a second term in November and sparked the protests, has been repeatedly criticized for his crisis management.

Corona crisis: Trump is pushing ahead with the construction of the wall and wants to suspend immigration

+++ 6.45 a.m .: Despite the Corona crisis drives US President Donald Trump building a wall on the border with Mexico. The commander of the U.S. Army’s Engineering Corps, General Todd Semonite, said at Trump’s daily press conference on Monday night (local time) about the corona pandemic that about 264 kilometers of the bulwark had been built.

He assumes that Trump’s goal of around 725 kilometers can be reached by the end of the year. Semonite actually talked about his troops’ corona relief efforts, which include building field hospitals in badly affected cities. Trump then asked the general to report on the progress made in building the wall.

Trump wants to suspend immigration

Update 04/21/2020, 5.45 a.m .:
Donald Trump announces edicts again, of course via his preferred medium – Twitter. This time the US president wants to temporarily suspend all immigration to the United States. He would sign a relevant decree, he wrote on Monday evening (local time) on Twitter.

Trump cited the “attack of the invisible enemy” and the need to protect the “jobs of our great American citizens” with regard to the corona virus pandemic.

However, it initially remained unclear which forms of immigration or which visas should be affected. The period of the decree – from when and until when – remained unclear. In addition, the legal basis – the review of which is likely to occupy US courts soon – remained open at first.

Tourist visas and very long-term business visas are not considered immigration visas in the United States. This includes, above all, visas for permanent stays, adoption abroad, certain work visas and residence permits for spouses or relatives of US citizens.

Last month, Trump had already largely closed the borders with Mexico and Canada because of the new type of corona virus. All people illegally arrested at the southern border are now being quickly transferred to their home countries, including asylum seekers. Trump’s government has also banned Europeans from entering the U.S. due to the corona pandemic.

Corona crisis in the USA: hope for New York

+++ 21.14 p.m .: The U.S. state new York reports a decrease in the number of deaths per day related to the Coronavirus Sars-CoV-2. Governor Andrew Cuomo announced at a press conference on Monday (April 20, 2020) that the number had dropped below 500 for the first time in days. According to this, the number of daily fatalities dropped to 478. In the past few weeks, almost 800 people in the state with just under 20 million inhabitants had died every day from the consequences of a coronavirus infection.

Corona virus in the USA: Detroit police under pressure

+++ 16.49 p.m .: The Corona crisis in the USA does not stop at the police officers either. Emergency services are particularly hard in the city Detroit Hit: Of the approximately 2,800 uniformed and civilian employees of the unit, at least 180 have so far been tested positive for the new coronavirus Sars-CoV-2 according to a report of the “New York Times” – more than 1000 are said to have been in the course of the corona pandemic so far have already been quarantined. “There were a few days when it got out of hand,” the NYT quotes an experienced police officer. In addition to the contact-making policing, an origin was supposed to have been a neighborhood event in early March, in which many police officers had participated.

Detroit is one of the worst hit cities in the United States in the corona crisis. The city, with a population of 672,000, has had nearly 8,000 confirmed infections and 605 Covid-19 deaths. The Corona crisis and the associated social distance measures initially led to a decrease in crime. But in the first week of April, violence escalated with eight homicides and 27 shootings. The city’s police force, weakened by the corona virus, reacts with a change of strategy and no longer follows every minor offense.

Corona crisis: Trump administration is said to have deliberately deported infected people

+++ 1:50 p.m .: Guatemala’s Health Secretary Hugo Monroy knocks the US government over President Donald Trump before, in the Corona crisis the new kind with deportation flightsCoronavirus Sars-CoV-2 of the USA to have brought to the Central American country. According to US media reports, Monroy complained last Tuesday that up to 75 percent of all deportees positive after returning to Guatemala Covid-19 have been tested. That reports, among other things US television network “ABC News”.

Rejected immigrants from Guatemala are waiting in line on their return flight from the United States.


The United States had begun flying out rejected immigrants on Monday after a week-long break – the break was scheduled for fear of the spread of the corona virus in the countries to which it was flying. According to the report, 182 people were deported to Guatemala on two machines. A report by the US Radio Association “NPR” states that Monroy believes that at least half of the 200 Corona cases in Guatemala could be attributed to those rejected by the United States.

Observers have accused the US government of deliberately spreading the corona virus to Central America. Christy Thornton, a professor at Johns Hopkins University, wrote in a post on Twitter: “The US government is actively and consciously spreading the virus to Central America through deportations.” Rachel Schmidtke, who fights for the rights of refugees from Latin America, said in the ABC TV: “The deportation of sick people who do not have access to medical care, a financial safety net or even basic needs such as drinking water after their arrival in Guatemala is irresponsible and carries unnecessary risks.”

Corona in the United States: thousands demonstrate against lockdown

+++ 11.05 a.m .: The protest against the lockdown measures in the Corona crisis in the USA continues: Around 2,500 people gathered in Washington State on Sunday (April 19, 2020) and announced their rejection of the measures taken by the regional administration. According to one Reuters report The protesters met at the government headquarters in the capital of the US state of Washington Olympia and thus opposed a regulation that prohibits gatherings of more than 50 people. Although the organizers said the report called for wearing respirators, very few did. The participants fear that the so-called “stay-at-home-order”, the appeal to stay at home, threatens the freedom of the citizens and the existence of many companies and thus violates the US constitution.

Washington State’s democratic governor Jay Inslee, whose corona measures are being protested, criticized on Sunday on US television President Donald Trump: He can’t remember that there has ever been an American president in US history who encouraged people to break the law. His call to protest via Twitter “is dangerous because it could inspire people to ignore things that could save their lives,” Inslee said on ABC television. On Friday, Trump fueled protests and called for the “liberation” of states ruled by Democrats.

Ahead of the Olympics, Washington gathering, hundreds of people in several cities across the United States had protested the curb pandemic requirements. The majority of US citizens, on the other hand, are concerned that the corona restrictions may be lifted too soon, according to a recent survey.

Meanwhile, the chemist “maiLab” compares the German virologists on YouTube. A specialist gets off particularly badly.

Trump calls anti-corona protesters “great people”

Update, April 20, 2020, 6 a.m .: US President Donald Trump launched the protests he protested against protective measures because of the Corona pandemic defended in several US states. “These are great people,” Trump said on Sunday night (local time) at his daily press conference at the White House, looking at the protesters. “They have camp nuts.” These people wanted “their lives back”. He praised, “I’ve never seen so many American flags protesting.”

Trump, however, shifted responsibility for corona testing to the state governors.

More than 40,000 corona deaths in the U.S.

+++ 22.19 PM: In the USA has the number of Corona dead exceeded the 40,000 threshold. According to the Johns Hopkins University on Sunday (April 19, 2020), more than 40,500 people have died from the novel Corona virus.

Accordingly, the number of Sars CoV-2 infections in the United States increased to more than 740,000. Around 67,000 people are considered to have recovered.

Corona crisis in New York: Governor sees “climax exceeded”

+++ 20.22 PM: Of the New York State is from the Coronavirus pandemicparticularly badly affected. But the number of patients in hospitals continues to decline. “If this trend continues, we will have peaked,” said the New York governor Andrew Cuomo
on Sunday (April 19th, 2020) at his daily press conference.

But even with this, a half-way point in the corona crisis has just been reached, the democrat warned. Strict measures to curb the spread of viruses should be maintained.

Cuomo announced extensive Antibody test series in the state with around 19 million inhabitants to get a more accurate picture of the spread of the virus. In doing so antibody demonstrated in the blood that survived Coronavirus infection should prove. According to Johns Hopkins University, more than 242,000 people have been infected in the US state of New York, and more than 17,600 people have died from Covid-19.

Corona crisis in the USA: Donald Trump again complains about a “witch hunt”

Update from Sunday, April 19th, 7.40am: Donald Trump has in the Corona crisis Democratic governors attacked again in the states and at the same time praised the work of his own government. “The rest of the world is watching us and they respect what we have done,” said the President of the United States on Saturday night (April 18,) at his daily press conference at the White House. “I know that nobody else could have done what we did.”

Trump compared the criticism of his government in the crisis with the Russia investigation the federal police FBI, which was concerned with whether his campaign team had made secret arrangements with Russia. “That shouldn’t be a partisan witch hunt like that Russia witch hunt be, ”said Trump.

Trump attacks China in corona crisis and threatens consequences

At the same time, Trump again raised serious Allegations against China. The novel corona virus could have been stopped in China before it spread around the world, Trump said. “It didn’t happen, and the whole world suffers because of it.” The president accused the Beijing government of failing to do so.

Trump was convinced that China and not the United States had the most deaths in the United States pandemic had to be recorded – this is contrary to statistics that most victims locate in the United States. “We are not in the first place, China is in the first place,” emphasized the President. “They are far ahead of us in terms of the dead, we are not even close to each other.” To the journalists, he said: “They know that, I know that, they (the Chinese) know that.” The media did not report this Trump said.

Again protests against corona protective measures

Saturday saw renewed action in several states governed by both democratic and republican governors Demonstrations against the protective measures.

For example, a car convoy was used to protest in Maryland’s capital, Annapolis. The state is governed by Republican Governor Larry Hogan, who refuses to relax measures as the number of infections increases – which is in line with the White House guidelines. Protester Charles Rex told Fox News: “This is absolutely ridiculous. People have to go back to work. ”Protester Janet Baker said,“ I want the constitution to be protected and honored again. ”

Location in New York relaxes a little

+++ 20.05 PM: Im particularly difficult of the corona– US pandemic affected new York the situation in the hospitals has eased somewhat. The number of Covid-19Patients have been falling steadily in the past three days, Governor Andrew Cuomo said on Saturday at his daily press conference. That was good news, said the democrat, but at the same time pointed to a continued high death rate.

The day before, 540 people were on one Corona virusInfection died and another 2000 people tested positive. Overall, more than 226,000 people are infected and more than 16,000 have died in the state with around 19 million inhabitants.

Cuomo emphasized that significantly more tests were necessary before opening the economy in new York to think. There are still bottlenecks in the test procedures. The governor requested additional support from Washington. On Thursday, Cuomo extended the relatively strict exit restrictions in New York to mid-May.

Corona crisis: Donald Trump gives gifts to farmers

+++ 2:16 p.m .: The US government supports farmers in the Corona crisis with an aid program worth $ 19 billion. The farmers would have pandemic “Suffered unprecedented losses,” said the President of the United States Donald Trump on Friday (local time) when the package is announced.

Farmers belong to the most important group of voters Donald Trumpswho wants to be re-elected in November. $ 3 billion of coronaAid program should be used to help farmers in the USA Buying milk and crops and giving them to community charities to distribute them to those in need, Agriculture Minister Sonny Perdue said. The rest goes directly to the farmers and rancher.

Sales of the agar industry in the USA is through the Corona crisis fell sharply because schools with their canteens and restaurants are closed and more citizens eat at home.

Corona crisis in the US: Michelle Obama speaks out

+++ 11.50 a.m .: With her favorite children’s books Michelle Obama (56) children in the USA the time during isolation in the Corona pandemic to evict. In the future, her little fans will be able to listen to her on Facebook or Youtube, as the former First Lady of the USA said on Twitter on Friday. In cooperation with the US children’s channel PBS Kids and the publisher Penguin Random House, she wants to present a reading program there every Monday, in which the children can practice reading themselves.

“I am very happy to (…) give children the opportunity to practice reading (and give their families a well-deserved break!),” Obama continued. As the first book, the wife of former US President Barack Obama (58) made Julia Donaldson’s “Gruffalo” (1999). The book list also includes the classic children’s book “Die kleine Raupe Nimmersatt” (1969) by Eric Carle.

Corona in the USA: Trump expects between 60,000 and 65,000 deaths

Update, Saturday, April 18, 6:30 a.m .: US president Donald Trump, who instigated his supporters in the fight against the protective measures on Friday, calculates as a result of theCoronavirus pandemic with 60,000 to 65,000 deaths in the USA – significantly less than feared in previous forecasts. Each dead is one too many, Trump emphasized on Friday evening (local time) at a press conference in the White House. However, the currently expected number of victims is based on predictions of at least 100,000 deaths, which the White House had recently presented. “Hopefully we will stay well below the 100,000 mark,” said the US President.

According to surveys by Johns Hopkins University on Friday evening, there are currently more than 36,000 deaths in the United States from coronavirus infection. More than 700,000 people have tested positive for the virus – more than in any other country in the world.

Many deaths in retirement homes

According to a New York Times count, at least 7,000 people in retirement homes in the United States have died from coronavirus infection. This accounts for around a fifth of all deaths as a result of Corona pandemic nationwide in connection with such a facility.

In the worst hit state by the pandemic new York The newspaper reported that at least five or more deaths from the virus had been registered in 72 facilities. In the neighboring state of New Jersey, a total of more than 1,500 corona deaths were associated with care facilities.

Corona crisis: “Comic Con” 2020 canceled

+++ 21.03 p.m .: The world‘s largest comic fair “Comic Con” in San Diego, California, for this year Corona virus called off. It was scheduled to take place from July 23rd to 26th. Like the organizer on Friday (April 17th, 2020) posted on his website, the fair is canceled for the first time in its 50-year history. The San Diego Comic Con is scheduled to take place again in 2021, from July 22nd to 25th.

Comic Con is visited by over a hundred thousand people annually. Hollywood stars present new films there and comic and superhero fans use the fair as a place for exchange.

German criticism of Trump for dealing with Corona

+++ 14.35 p.m .: There is fierce criticism from Germany Donald Trump: The federal government coordinator for transatlantic relations, Peter Beyer, has the acting of the US President in the Corona crisis sharply criticized. “The pandemic has been played down for far too long,” said Beyer. “The clashes between the president and several governors were exaggerated in parts, unnecessary, almost childish and characterized by party political ideologies.”

In conflict with the governors had Donald Trump stresses that he has sole authority to decide whether the country will return to normal. However, this was in contradiction to the constitution and reality, because all exit restrictions were in the Corona crisis enacted by governors, the Washington government only provides guidelines and recommendations.

When presenting his three-step plan for a return to normality Donald Trump account of this situation. He stressed that state governors were left to implement the guidelines.

Corona crisis in the USA: New York extends exit restrictions

+++ 13:05 p.m .: The state new York will limit its exit in the fight against the Corona crisis Extend at least until May 15th. Governor Andrew Cuomo announced this.

In the most of the Corona pandemic As of today, the affected state of the United States is also legally obliged to wear a mask in public. The rule applies to anyone who, for whatever reason, is unable to keep six feet away from the next person.

+++ 08.15 a.m .: How’s that Sports in the United States during the Corona crisis further? If it is after Donald Trump leaves, the leagues will resume their operations soon – and with Ghost games. “Many of them will start without fans. Made for television, the good old days, ”said Trump, referring to phone calls with the leaders of the individual leagues.

Up to now there has been no official information from there on whether, when and how it should continue after the interruption. As a second step, fans could then watch again, perhaps “with two empty seats between them,” Trump said. “Ultimately, we want to have full arenas. When the virus is gone, we will have full arenas and enjoy sport as it should be. ”

Corona in the US: Trump presents three-phase plan

+++ 17.4.2020, 6.40 a.m .: US president Donald Trump has a gradual easing of the Corona restrictions announced in the US. Economic life will restart in three phases, Trump said in Washington on Thursday. This will be done “cautiously” step by step and “state by state”.

“Based on the latest figures, our experts agree that we can now open the next front in our war,” said Trump. At the same time, he insisted on a cautious approach in which each US state had the power to make decisions. “We won’t open everything at once,” said the president. Some states would be more likely to relax restrictions than others. State governors would have to direct this process, not the White House. “If it has to stay closed with them, we will allow them to do so. If you believe it is time to open, we will give you this freedom and the guideline to accomplish those tasks. ”

Corona in the USA: Breakdown in the delivery of auxiliary checks

+++ 21:25 PM: The appearance of the Donald Trump has ended, with no announcements like the US government has made Spread of the corona virus want to fight.

Meanwhile, more and more problems with the delivery of the auxiliary checks are becoming apparent, all of which by the Corona crisis citizens of the USA should get. Any person whose application for assistance has been granted should receive $ 1,200 or more.

But there are several problems with the delivery of the auxiliary checks. First, the US president Donald Trump decreed that his name should be printed on every one of the approximately 150 million checks, which, according to some observers, delayed the process.

Now people all over the country complain that they have either not received a check or that the amount is too small. Families should receive special support from the program, which is why they were promised an additional $ 500 for each child.

The US Treasury Department told the Washington Post that the Corona Emergency Aid had broken down and said it was working on solutions. Around 80 million auxiliary checks have already been delivered.

Donald Trump wants to loosen measures against the corona crisis at an early stage

+++ 20:33 PM: At that moment occurs Donald Trump in front of the cameras on the lawn in front of the White House. To his left and right are two huge trucks. Because Trump will honor the truck drivers of the United States today and on behalf of the whole country for their important work in the Corona crisis to thank. The “truckers” are represented by employees of several logistics groups, including DHL, Fedex and UPS.

It is widely expected that the US president first easing of measures against the spread of the Corona virus will hold out.

However, the federal government in Washington can only provide guidelines. They are implemented by orders of the governors in the individual states.

+++ 17.07 clock: The “Washington PostReports that US President Donald Trump on Thursday (April 16, 2020) will announce a relaxation of the measures, despite the increasing number of Corona cases. The US economy is doing badly, with the easing Trump wants to help her. He recently said that the fight against the coronavirus is ongoing, but the climax of the cases has been overcome.

+++ 2.40 p.m .: April 16 will be “a great day,” said the US president Donald Trump announced. He certainly hadn’t meant it that way. Because of the escalation of the Corona pandemic For the fourth week in a row, millions of people in the United States made an initial application for unemployment benefits. In the week ending April 11, 5.2 million new applications were registered, the U.S. Department of Labor announced on Thursday. As a result, around 22 million people lost their jobs within a month. In the previous week alone, 6.6 million people had submitted an initial application for support.

Donald Trump speaks of a “big day”

+++ 11.30 a.m .: Donald Trump usually doesn’t have that much to do with data, facts and figures. That is in the Corona crisis no different than usual. Although the pathogen continues to spread extremely quickly in the USA, Trump sees the peak in the number of cases already reached.

“It is clear that our aggressive strategy is working,” Trump said on Wednesday (April 15th). “The fight continues, but the data suggests that we have the culmination of new cases across the country.” These “encouraging developments” meant that guidelines for US states to relax the nationwide shutdown could be set .

Today, he therefore wants to announce his route for a revival of the US economy. April 16 will be “a great day,” Trump said. The corona virus and measures to curb the pandemic also plunged the United States into a severe economic crisis with almost 17 million unemployed within three weeks. Seven months before Presidential election The US President therefore wants to return to normal as quickly as possible and get the economy going again.

Corona in the USA: Almost 2600 dead within 24 hours

+++ 6.45 a.m .: In the USA is the worldwide maximum number of almost 2600 people within 24 hoursCoronavirus infection died. According to a Johns Hopkins University census on Wednesday evening (local time), 2569 people have died from the lung disease caused by the virus since the previous dayCovid-19 – the highest number of deaths in a single day worldwide. The total number of coronavirus deaths in the United States rose to more than 28,300.

Trump is considering a compulsory break for Congress

+++ Update from April 16, 2020, 6:20 a.m .: US president Donald Trump has threatened to impose a compulsory break for Parliament in order to quickly fill vacancies in its government without Congress.

Because of the Coronavirus epidemic “It is necessary that the government can finally fill vacant positions,” Trump said on Wednesday evening (local time). The constitution gives him the right to order such a parliamentary break, Trump said.

Trump condemned previous practice of maintaining congress through pro-forma meetings with no MPs or senators present. This is a “neglect of duties that the American people cannot afford in this crisis,” said Trump. That is “fraud”. The senators, for example – who usually have to agree to the appointment of top officials and ministers – were not in Washington at least until the beginning of May.

New York increases the death toll to over 10,000

+++ 3:58 p.m .: In new York could significantly more people related to that Corona virus have died than previously thought. The authorities of the metropolis on the east coast of the United States added 3,778 fatalities to their statistics. The deceased were therefore “probable” Covid 19 cases – Including patients who died in the emergency room but had not necessarily tested positive for the virus. People who died at home were also included in the statistics.

The assumption that the dead are under Covid-19 According to media reports, local authorities attribute the symptoms to their symptoms. Mayor Bill de Blasio had reported days ago that apartment deaths in New York City had increased significantly. The total death toll in New York City alone has risen to over 10,000, according to official figures.

Coronavirus crisis in the USA: China, Russia and the EU criticize Donald Trump

+++ 3:18 p.m .: The cessation of US payments to the World Health Organization (WHO) amidst the Corona crisis has met with sharp criticism internationally. EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell said on Wednesday that the move was unjustified. China criticized that the decision of the US government weakens the WHO and undermines international cooperation in the fight against the pandemic. Federal Foreign Minister Heiko Maas (SPD) also criticized the attitude of the US President Donald Trump: “Blaming does not help,” said Maas.

China showed “seriously concerned”. The WHO is “irreplaceable” in the fight against the virus, said Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian. Russia condemned the US approach as “very selfish”. Deputy Secretary of State Sergei Ryabkov urged the US government to refrain from further attacks on WHO, according to Tass news agency. A spokesman for his ministry said Trump was only looking for culprits.

The US president announced on Tuesday that the US payments to the World Health Organization would stop. He accused the WHO of “mismanagement” in the Corona crisis and one-sidedness in favor of China. Trump’s critics see the President’s pressure on WHO as an attempt to distract from his own failings in the corona crisis.

Corona crisis in the USA: Again and again phases of social distance

+++ 13.03 p.m .: In the fight against that Corona virus could in the USA According to a study, phases of social distance will always be necessary until 2022. A single period of this kind should not be sufficient to spread the SARS-CoV-2 virus Keeping it at a level that should be shouldered by hospitals in the medium term, study author Stephen Kissler said on Tuesday. If there were no other treatment methods, phases of social distance would have to be imposed again and again.

The study by the scientists at Harvard University in the United States, which was published in the scientific journal Science, is based on computer models for the dissemination of the novel corona virus. The study is based on the assumption that the lung disease caused by the pathogen Covid-19 how common flu could be seasonal in the future, with higher infection rates in the colder months.

However, there are still many unknown factors, such as when effective medications or a vaccine are available, as the study authors admit. It is also unclear whether infection with the virus leads to immunity in recovered patients – and how long this would last.

Corona in the United States: Donald Trump’s name on the relief checks

Update from April 15th, 2020, 10:48 am: It is an unprecedented decision: on the checks that are in the fight against the Corona crisis The name will be sent to almost 70 million Americans by the US President Donald Trump stand.

Not only is it the first time that a U.S. President’s name is printed on IRS checks, the Treasury Department’s order has serious consequences, such as that “Washington Post” reports.

Because printing Donald Trump’s name could delay the delivery of the checks by several days, writes the newspaper with reference to anonymous sources within the tax authority. According to an official statement from the Ministry of Finance, there should be no delays.

The $ 1200 checks are part of a U.S. government emergency program to help President Donald Trump. They are said to be the consequences of Corona pandemic weaken in the labor market and for the economy.

With the lettering “President Donald J. Trump” on the left side of the check, the millions of times the financial injection could also be an effective instrument in the presidential election campaign: In November Donald Trump wants to become president of the again USA let vote.

Corona crisis in the USA: Donald Trump under pressure

First report from April 15th, 2020: The Corona virus has the USA still firmly under control. So far, more than 600,000 people have been tested positive for the virus, according to Johns Hopkins University (as of April 15, 2020), and just under 24,500 Americans have already died.

The Corona pandemic caught the US cold. Because for US President Donald Trump, whose daughter Ivanka had recently ignored travel restrictions, and the ruling Republicans, the Sars-CoV-2 coronavirus has long been nothing more than a lie by the Democrats, “fake news“. And even if Trump has now understood that the virus is extremely dangerous, he is under increasing pressure. The New York Times has meticulously reconstructed how the US president did the country in the fight against the corona crisis thrown back by at least three weeks.

Government advisers also see this Anthony Fauci so. “Of course, things would be a little different if we closed everything from the start,” the virologist said in an interview with CNN. But there was “a lot of back pressure”. No wonder that the hashtag #FireFauci initiated by Trump’s supporters is now spreading on Twitter.

In mid-March, however, Trump then declared an emergency in his country. Life in the USA has almost completely come to a standstill, and the economy is also badly battered.

New York State hardest hit by coronavirus pandemic in the United States

The state of New York was hit hardest by the coronavirus pandemic. Almost 10,000 people there have already died from the corona virus (as of April 15, 2020), and around 200,000 residents are infected with the novel virus. The state governor, democrat Andrew Cuomo, is already considering easing the measures together with his counterparts from other countries – and is facing a test of power with the government of Donald Trump.

Because Trump claims the sovereignty over easing the measures. He had “all-encompassing power” on the question of reopening America as a result of the coronavirus epidemic, Trump said at the White House on Monday evening (April 13, 2020, local time). In doing so, he responded to statements by the governors who had previously said that they would coordinate with each other when the restrictions they imposed were lifted. Trump emphasized: “When someone is President of the United States, he has all-round power.”

Coronavirus pandemic in the US: will the measures be eased?

It is not yet clear whether and to what extent the coronavirus measures in the USA will be relaxed. The World Health Organization (WHO) believes the pandemic has not yet reached its peak. Relaxing the measures in the US could therefore have dire consequences. These measures currently exist in the United States:

  • Schools and public institutions closed
  • Entry stop for citizens of the European Union
  • Curfews in all states
  • Much of the business shot
  • Canada border closed

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Some countries are getting through the corona crisis better than others. What do they have in common? Women in government.

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