Corona continues to rise in Central Java, Reward: The governor is not smart


Governor of Central Java (Central Java) Pranowo reward admitted that he did not want to find reasons for the increase in Corona cases in Central Java. Ganjar said he was not smart with the evidence that Corona in Central Java was increasing.

Ganjar said this answered questions about communication strategies to deal with residents who have not complied with health protocols in the webinar ‘Communication Strategy for the President and Regional Heads in Handling the COVID-19 Pandemic’, Friday (9/7/2021).

“Actually, the behavior is the same, yes, in South Sumatra maybe the handling is much better. Maybe because I don’t want to look for excuses, what’s clear is that in Central Java the governor isn’t really smart, he’s not smart, he can’t respond , because the evidence continues to rise (Corona) like that,” said Ganjar.

Ganjar then divided the cluster of residents regarding the understanding of the Corona virus. According to him, there are people who do not believe in the Corona virus.

“It’s just that, if we want to make clustering, Mr. Suryadi, and Mr., 1 we still have the most acute, yes, the most acute, don’t believe in COVID, it’s the most acute,” he said.

In the second cluster, there are residents who are still asking about the existence of the Corona virus. In this cluster, Ganjar said residents were given space to ask questions about the Corona virus.

“Then the one who is casual, still looking between yes and no, he asks. So, those who ask questions, we give answers, so my strategy was that earlier, here is a communication place, there is a telephone number, you can ask,” he said. .

According to Ganjar, residents who are still questioning Corona need to be served. The volunteers were invited by Ganjar to remind residents in the field.

“And finally, those who believe, don’t need to take care of those who believe. Now, but to answer the middle question, who is still asking, the state, the government, must serve, we must invite volunteers, that’s why those who enter the market are not officials, not employees. Volunteers I say they move on their own for iling and ilingke,” he added.

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