Corona conspiracy theories: demonstration in Darmstadt

GThe 52-year-old family man from Groß-Gerau already bought viewing masks at the end of January. He started his environment before the new one virus to warn from China. He was laughed at and called a conspiracy theorist, he says. Four months later, he stands in Darmstadt on the measuring station, protests against the mask requirement at a demo of the “Querdenker 615” – and is again accused of adhering to crude theories. He is not itchy for the tall man with graying hair and beard that he is called a “spinner”. But the fact that there was no discourse from the start makes him angry. “Why are respected scientists ignored or even defamed simply because they have a different opinion than the virologist Christian Drosten?”

He recommends the documentary “Profiteure of Fear” by the television station Arte To look at the swine flu in 2009: “These scientists were right then and not Drosten.” A senior citizen who is here with her husband asks why every citizen who is critical of government programs calls himself a conspirator or even right-wing radical will. “I remember Galileo or Luther here.”


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