Corona antibody test from dm: This is how the test works on its own

The antibody test from dm promises certainty. We explain to you how the self-test from the drugstore works and what you have to pay attention to.

The incidence values ​​in Baden-Württemberg are exploding and experts are warning that the number of infected people could continue to increase over Easter. And the new mutations of the coronavirus increase the chance of being infected with SARS-CoV-2. In addition to the corona vaccines approved in Europe, mass tests are also an effective weapon against the invisible virus. There have recently been all sorts of test types available in retail and online stores.

The coronavirus antibody test from dm: more security for almost 50 euros?

One of them is the corona antibody test from Cerascreen, which is now available in many branches of the drugstore chain dm. More security for almost 50 euros? The manufacturer promises a reliable and quick answer. But can a test set for at home really keep up with a professional laboratory analysis? And is the corona antibody test actually very easy to carry out? After all, the tester has to take his own blood and send it in by post.

In fact, when the Cerascreen trial began, taking blood wasn’t that easy. The manufacturer needed a vial of blood for the specialist analysis in the laboratory. Unfortunately, the dm test set only contained two lancets that only make a small prick into the skin. Consequently, a lot of patience was required for the blood collection. Anyone desperate here had to be prepared for a longer exchange with Cerascreen and possibly repeat the blood draw several times.

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Coronavirus tests in Germany: an overview of the most important procedures

  • PCR-Test: Detects coronavirus in the throat and throat. The smears are analyzed in the laboratory. The test is the gold standard when an acute infection is to be detected.
  • Rapid PCR test: The test works just like a PCR test and detects an acute infection. However, rapid tests are less precise because they are not analyzed in the laboratory.
  • Antigentest: Such a test detects parts of pathogens, for example in the spit. The antigen tests are not quite as accurate as PCR or rapid PCR tests.
  • Corona self-tests: Are commercially available and can be done by private individuals. They work like antigen tests and work with spit or nasal swabs.
  • Antibody test: Such a test detects the Covid-19 antibodies in the blood after an infection has been overcome. An acute infection cannot be detected with it.

Fortunately, the manufacturer switched its antibody test to dry blood cards. In fact, it only takes three to four drops of blood from the fingertip. The health questionnaire to be filled out can be filled out in the app or on the computer. This usually only takes a few minutes. Finally, the corona antibody test from dm can simply be thrown into a mailbox in the enclosed shipping box. The analysis usually takes a few days.

The corona antibody test from the drugstore: what good is the test for almost 50 euros?

The corona antibody test from the drugstore: what good is the test for almost 50 euros?

The coronavirus antibody test from dm: Expert makes a blatant statement

But how long do the antibodies formed actually remain in the blood after a coronavirus infection? “It differs a lot from patient to patient,” explains an expert from the SLK Clinic in Heilbronn “Antibodies can still be found in many infected people a year after infection. But there are also patients in whom antibodies are no longer detectable after a few months. ”And: The corona antibody test cannot detect an acute infection with Covid-19.

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What are Covid-19 antibodies exactly?

When a person becomes infected with Covid-19, the body makes what are known as antibodies to fight the foreign virus. After infection, the Covid-19 antibodies formed remain in the blood for a long time. By analyzing a blood sample, such antibodies can be detected weeks after an infection. If such Covid-19 antibodies are present, the person tested was infected.

In other words: Even if the person tested was infected with Covid-19 in the past, the corona antibody test from dm may no longer be able to prove anything. Therefore, an antibody test could be useful in “unclear clinical cases in inpatients”, according to the expert from the SLK Clinic. However, it is questionable to what extent such a test at private costs makes sense. But: There is definitely nothing wrong with the technical analysis of the corona antibody test by dm.

The coronavirus antibody test from dm: a conclusion to the self-test

After the analysis in the specialist laboratory, the person tested receives a detailed analysis as a report. The findings can be called up via the customer account. The conclusion: the corona antibody test from dm has been easier to carry out since the introduction of the dry blood card and saves you having to go to the laboratory or the doctor’s office. At almost 50 euros, the dm self-test is not a bargain. And: The corona antibody test is only a snapshot.

For comparison: a blood analysis in the Blackholm laboratory in Heilbronn costs only around 35 euros, like an employee confirmed on the phone. In the laboratory, the blood is taken from a vein. The advantage: You don’t have to lend a hand and you usually get feedback within a few hours. It is also not clear whether the self-test is as good as the analysis in the laboratory on site. If only because mistakes can happen during implementation.

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More security for almost 50 euros? The question from the beginning is difficult to answer. The mere knowledge that in some cases antibodies can only be detectable for a few months raises doubts. And the fact that a corona antibody test in the laboratory is cheaper and easier on site does not make the test set from dm attractive for everyone. But: Anyone who is willing to invest almost 50 euros is offered good service.

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