Corona and party – Solberg warns after party weekend

– It is good that the municipality of Oslo is watching, and I hope that they respond clearly in case of breach of the recommendations, says Solberg to Dagbladet.

The backdrop is the two previous party nets there the police have had to log several incidents of order matters, fights and arguments. Night to Saturday was the first weekend night with normal opening hours in Oslo since the nightlife industry was hit by the corona measures, which resulted in around 170 log entries, of which 70 per cent could be attributed to party noise.

Night to Sunday, Trøndelag police district had to log over 190 incidents who went the same way, 50 more than they had to night until the 1st New Year’s Day.

The newspaper has been in contact with several police districts around the country on Sunday. The feedback that goes back is:

The audience seems to have forgotten that we are in the middle of a pandemic.

BYVETTREGLENE: City Councilor Raymond Johansen (Ap) briefed on the corona situation in Oslo and measures during the summer. VIDEO: NTB SCANPIX
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Does not rule out tightening

– The virus is as contagious and disease-causing as before. And, in practice, the population is as immune as before. That is why we must all continue to take the prevention measures seriously, says the prime minister.

In a lengthy interview with Swedish Radio on May 21, before the bars were allowed to reopen with restrictions, Solberg expressed concern about what the outcome might be.

– We know that nightlife is a source of infection. It is difficult to prevent infection when people become very happy to be in close contact because they have been drinking a little alcohol, she said.

– For us it would have been a risk point. We have not opened the bars in Norway. They first open June 1st. This is still one of the points I am a little apprehensive about. How will the behavior of Norwegians be then?

Facing Dagbladet, Solberg does not exclude new austerity:

– I have always been aware that a reopening of society must take place cautiously and gradually. I have also said that if we see a setback on the infection situation, it must be considered to tighten again on measures. None of us would like that.

Threats with a new jam

It was last Friday that the City Council decided to reintroduce normal business hours for serving places in Oslo. Then City Councilman Raymond Johansen (Ap) told Dagbladet that the shutdown had yielded the desired result, but that the City of Oslo would continue to monitor the cityscape and infection situation day by day.

He is among them as responds to the weekend’s party noise.

– We have previously introduced pour stops and other very drastic measures in Oslo, and we may do so again if we see new outbreaks of infection. The City Council will not take chances with the life and health of the population, writes the city council leader in an email to Dagbladet.

New restrictions on serving and opening hours can be done at a few hours’ notice, he writes.

Industry Council Victoria Marie Evensen (Ap) on Saturday told Dagbladet that most of the nightclubs meet the infection requirements well, but that the extended opening hours were a statement of confidence for both the nightlife industry and the public.

She stated that the municipality of Oslo did not want to punish an entire industry, but:

– The City of Oslo is going to strike hard at clear breaches of the infection protection requirements, and also make sure that places that break these are closed.

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