Corona and cancer: “The worst part was that nobody hugged you”

Check-up appointments are being postponed, cancer treatments are started too late, experts warn. But how do tumor patients from the region experience the pandemic?

For Julia Adam, wasn’t the fear of Corona the worst during her cancer therapy in the spring? but the loneliness, the lack of closeness. Photo: Katharina Mützel

It wasn’t fear of the virus, not fear of contagion. “The worst thing about the illness was that nobody could hug you,” says Julia Adam. They all wanted to protect them from Corona. But the comforting physical contact, the closeness was missing: “When things get really dirty and you can only make phone calls, that’s tough.” The 39-year-old doctor’s assistant and mother has lymph node cancer, the so-called mantle cell lymphoma. Incurable. In November 2019 Julia Adam got the diagnosis that “shattered” her previous life.

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