Corona adviser Fauci not happy with unsolicited role in Trump commercial

Fauci says he is not happy with his role in an election spot: “In nearly 50 years of dedication to the public good, I have never touted a political candidate.”

Trump campaign spokesperson Tim Murtaugh says the ad is not being withdrawn. “Fauci’s words are accurate, and they come straight out of Doctor Fauci’s mouth. As he recently stated in the Senate, President Trump has taken the virus seriously from the start, acted quickly and saved lives.”

President Trump and his chief corona advisor are more often at odds. Two days ago Fauci still labeled a meeting at the White House as superspreader event, an event in which many people become infected with the corona virus. This case involved a ceremony in honor of Judge Amy Coney Barrett, who was nominated to the Supreme Court. Those present sat close together and usually did not wear mouth masks.

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