Corona accommodation bans heavily controversial: Hotelier is preparing a lawsuit

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Curfew, mask compulsory, keep your distance – Corona causes many inconveniences. Holidays are also difficult for people from Corona strongholds. The discussion about the travel rules is raging.

  • In Germany significantly more people become infected with the Coronavirus*.
  • The number of people who per day have the disease Covid-19 die, however, is significantly lower than in spring.
  • Hendrik Streeck thinks that the number of infections is not a measure of the crisis. The virologist Melanie Brinkmann, however, warns of a fallacy.

+++ 15.55 p.m .: The Accommodation bans many countries for Vacationers from German risk areas trigger heated discussions. Numerous politicians are calling for the regulation to be withdrawn. Berlin’s Governing Mayor Michael Müller (SPD) and NRW Prime Minister Armin Laschet (CDU) announced a need for discussion for the Prime Minister’s Conference on Wednesday (October 14th, 2020). Government spokesman Steffen Seibert said that Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) would “listen to the arguments of all sides” there. But it is about state regulations.

Cities like Frankfurt, Berlin, Munich, Cologne, Stuttgart, Bremen, Essen and Mainz have exceeded the warning level. People from these areas are no longer allowed to stay in hotels, guest houses or holiday apartments in many federal states – unless they can get a current one negativen Coronavirus-Test show. The President of the German Association of Cities, Leipzig’s Lord Mayor Burkhard Jung, said the regulation was “not well thought out, you will have to go back to it,” said the SPD politician to the newspapers of the Funke media group (Monday).

Hotelier prepares a lawsuit against the ban on accommodation

Meanwhile, according to the Hotel and Restaurant Association (Dehoga) Lower Saxony, a hotelier from the Harz wants to take legal action against the Ban on accommodation of the country. In the course of the week, a norm control complaint should be submitted to the Lüneburg Higher Administrative Court, said Dehoga Managing Director Rainer Balke of the German Press Agency in Hanover. “We hope that they will act as soon as possible.”

Balke criticized that Holiday ban for travelers German corona hotspots hit the core business of the tourism industry, although there have been no major corona outbreaks in the industry so far. Already on the first weekend of the new one Ban on accommodation The hoteliers’ phones no longer stood still because travelers were unsettled. “As expected, the whole thing ended in chaos,” said Balke. Many vacationers wanted to cancel their trips and have the money back, even though their place of origin was not affected by the ban. That leads to conflicts.

The criticism of the ban on accommodation is getting louder.

© dpa / Oliver Berg

Munich prohibits serving of alcohol from 10 p.m.

+++ 2.15 p.m .: Because of increasing Corona numbers in Munich the city administration is now restricting alcohol consumption. From October 14, 2020 on, alcohol will no longer be served in inns and other restaurants after 10 p.m., as the town hall announced after a crisis meeting of the city leaders.

On the next weekend (October 17th / 18th) the same applies at several known meeting points No open-air drinking in the evening. In the city center, pedestrians on Marienplatz, Stachus and some other locations have to wear masks again. Private meetings are still allowed up to a maximum of five. This should apply until October 27th.

Munich exceeded the threshold of 50 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants, as did the Fürstenfeldbruck district in the west of Munich, the Regen district in the Bavarian Forest as well Memmingen and Rosenheim. In the Fürstenfeldbruck district, all students from the fifth grade onwards have to wear masks in class again. The district office had ordered this in a general decree that has been in force since Saturday.

Worries about the corona outbreak: Tests of more than 100 Sylt party guests

Meanwhile, 102 guests are in a bar after a party Sylt, on which there was also a corona-infected man, reported to the health department. “Most of it is from Sylt,” said a spokeswoman for the North Friesland district. 83 of the 102 people come from the island. They should probably be tested on Monday. Results are expected on Wednesday. Their local health authorities are responsible for the other guests.

According to the health department in Husum, the infected person had visited the “American Bistro” in Westerland before the first symptoms and a test appeared. According to his memory, 70 to 100 people were present there on the night of October 4th. The bar itself is currently closed voluntarily, as the spokeswoman said. The guests had the opportunity there to register using a QR code. According to feedback from several guests, there were problems.

More and more corona hotspots in Germany: Munich also breaks the warning level

Update from Monday, October 12th, 2020, 10:00 a.m .: The Bavarian capital Munich today has the limit of 50 new corona infections per 100,000 inhabitants exceeded within seven days. According to the Robert Koch Institute, the seven-day incidence rose to 50.6 on Monday. Already after the Bavarian summer vacation, the value had risen to over 50 at the end of September, which was explained at the time with infections by travelers returning. In the meantime, the number of infected people was in Munich significantly decreased.

Of the four German megacities Berlin, Munich, Cologne and Hamburg is currently only Hamburg below the 50 limit, where the seven-day incidence on Monday was 28.9. In North Rhine-Westphalia is now too Duisburg Corona hotspot, which means there are now ten districts and cities with a value of over 50.

Police officers recently had to break up an illegal rave party in Munich.

© dpa / Peter Kneffel

Corona in Germany: number of new infections at a high level, but only a few deaths

Berlin – The number of New infections with the Coronavirus in Germany* continues to rise by leaps and bounds. On Friday (October 9th, 2020) the health authorities in Germany reported 4516 new corona infections, according to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI). From Wednesday to Thursday, the value rose significantly from 2,828 to 4,058.

3483 new ones were added on Sunday Corona-Infections registered. However, the figures are not meaningful: on Sundays and Mondays, experience shows that the number of cases is usually lower, and not all health authorities report data to the RKI on the weekend.

And yet: The death rate in Germany is at a low level. An average of 15 people die of the lung disease every day Covid-19. In April there were at times over 300 deaths per day – with similar numbers of infections. The numbers are confusing to many people and everyone is wondering: How are you doing in Germany continue?

Virologist Melanie Brinkmann warns of a deceptive corona situation in Germany

The Helmholtz virologist Melanie Brinkmann warns of a tightening of the Corona-Crisis as well as a deceptive picture of the current situation. “The numbers have been rising continuously for weeks. With exponential growth, the curves always look harmless at first. Then at some point it will go up very quickly, ”said she Corona-Expert and professor at the TU Braunschweig opposite the „Stern“ on Sunday (October 11th, 2020).

“One problem is that we are always lagging behind – these 4,700 diagnosed new infections, which were reported on Saturday alone, happened seven to ten days ago, in other words, in truth we are already further on the upward curve,” said the Virologist. Brinkmann expects there will soon be more than 10,000 Corona-New infections in Germany give.

Virologist Melanie Brinkmann works at the Helmholtz Center for Infection Research HZI.

© Julian Stratenschulte / dpa

Merkel had previously at a video conference of the CDU presidium before a significant increase in Corona-New infections in Germany warned. If these develop weekly, there will be 19,200 new infections a day at Christmas. The Chancellor had that extrapolated, it said.

Corona in Germany: Hendrik Streeck does not take the number of new infections so seriously

The Bonn virologist Hendrik Streeck spoke out in favor of the pure Infection numbers not a yardstick in the fight against that Corona-Make a crisis. “4000 new infections per day currently no longer mean the same as they did in March and April,” he explains in one Guest contribution for the “Handelsblatt”.

A traffic light system based on the interaction of the number of infections, the number of tests, and inpatient and intensive care occupancy could help. It must be about using the existing data to “develop a more intelligent and forward-looking system”.

Virologist Brinkmann on the corona situation in Germany: “With higher numbers of new infections, it becomes more and more difficult”

Virologist Melanie Brinkmann sees it differently. “Yes, we are in a different situation than in the spring, when we did not know what to expect, when no therapies were available. But we do not have a panacea, and the virus has not become less dangerous, “she said in an interview with the” Stern “.

One cannot wait for the occupancy of intensive care beds to rise again. It is important the number of new infections in Germany to keep it stable or even lower it. “With higher numbers of new infections, it becomes more and more difficult.” Other construction sites could only be tackled if that Coronavirus was fought. “Our economy does not benefit from acting too late, we have to take action.”

More than 9,600 people in Germany died as a result of corona disease

The highest number recorded by the RKI Corona-New infections had occurred in late March and early April, when the value was several times over 6000. The previous high was 6294 on March 28th.

Since the beginning of the Corona-Crisis, according to data from the US American Johns Hopkins University, almost 325,000 people in Germany demonstrably with the Virus Sars-CoV-2 infected (data status October 11th, 7:23 pm). The number of deaths related to a Corona infection According to the scientists, it was 9620. Around 274,800 people survived the infection according to RKI estimates. (By Tim Vincent Dicke with dpa) * is part of the nationwide Ippen digital editorial network.

List of rubric lists: © dpa / Oliver Berg

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