Corona: – 30 reviewed for hotel denial

Rarely has the arrival hall at the country’s main airport been so empty on one of this year’s big homecoming days.

There was nothing to indicate an army of Norwegian après-ski tourists in Austria and Italy this 2nd Easter afternoon.

And Gardermoen’s home municipality Ullensaker, which is responsible for coronation and infection control control on arrival here from abroad to Norway, confirms what we see.

– Today it will be 700 and on Tuesday around 1100. It is more than a normal Tuesday, but less than expected, says unit leader Sylvia Aastad in Ullensaker municipality.

She is responsible for the implementation of the much debated scheme of forced hotel quarantine from abroad.

There is no shortage of hotel capacity in Gardermoen’s vicinity for quarantine.

– The total capacity of quarantine hotels in Ullensaker is 3,000 rooms, and on the second day of Easter afternoon 1,300 rooms are occupied, says the unit manager, who is dissatisfied with Avinor’s “inaccurate figures” for a large proportion of those arriving in quarantine hotels.

– Looking back, it is around 35 percent, but there are large variations from plane to plane, she says.

GOING HOME: The winter pensioners Kjell Tore Olsen and Eva Trøan are released from quarantine hotels because they have their health documents in order. Reporters: Agusta Magnusdottir and Øystein Andersen. Video: Henning Lillegård / Dagbladet.
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13,000 in fines

So far, around 30 people have been reported to the police for having run away from or left the hotel quarantine, Ullensaker municipality informs Dagbladet.
The last two reviews now came from Ullensaker at the end of the Easter weekend.

The South-East police district came with a test balloon on Monday for violating the hotel rules. Four Poles in Sandefjord received 13,000 kroner each in fines for not staying in their own rooms, but being together.

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