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Vienna Mayor Michael Ludwig commented on the corona virus in “ZIB 2” on ORF on Monday evening. An infection case at the AKH is worrying.

“We sit farther apart than usual and have not shaken hands with us”, ORF presenter Armin Wolf opened the “ZIB 2” discussion with Mayor Ludwig in “ZIB 2”. The main topic was the corona infection of an anesthetist at the Vienna General Hospital, which became known on Monday. “We still don’t know where the doctor got infected,” said Ludwig.

They are in full swing “reconstructing this and illuminating the environment”. As a result of the Corona case, the hospital and other hospitals can only be entered through a lock and with a health check connected with it. At the moment Ludwig was not aware of any other infected staff in other hospitals. Because of the incubation period, however, one has to wait.

Corona tests can take time

In view of the corona case among health workers, Ludwig also appealed to the population to avoid social contacts. But he also attests that awareness prevails in all institutions that “you have to control people”. In Vienna there was also a very good cooperation between the blue light organizations and with the medical radio service an additional possibility to look after people in the apartments.

Nevertheless, it could take some time before people are subjected to a corona test, says Ludwig: “There may be waiting times, we are very busy with the telephone number 1450. The staff was increased from 60 to 200 people.” But on Monday alone there were over 16,000 calls, some of which had nothing to do with corona symptoms among the callers themselves.

Block Vienna off completely?

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The awareness of the problem is very high in the population, Ludwig says to the fact that the government’s measures are observed by most people. Now they want to try to provide information in many languages ​​in cooperation with the communities.

According to the mayor, public transport remains “thank all tram, bus and subway drivers”. Timetables have been reduced, but traffic is maintained. And could Vienna be completely closed off? “Nothing can be ruled out in this situation,” says Ludwig, who does not think it makes sense to play with it. “It is important to comply with all measures that have already been announced.”

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