Cordless drill: Bavarian manufacturer wants to add fragrances to devices

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Why cordless drills should now have a special scent

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See, touch, smell: DIY products should now appeal to all of the senses See, touch, smell: DIY products should now appeal to all of the senses – – –

See, touch, smell: DIY products should now appeal to all of the senses

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Electric tools for do-it-yourselfers and gardeners should soon smell good too. A manufacturer from Bavaria is now bringing devices onto the market that “appeal to all the senses”. He is following a great example from the world of technology.

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IIn the animal kingdom, fragrances are often used as a lure when looking for a partner or victim. Now this should also work for do-it-yourselfers. Probably the first tool manufacturer in the world to plan Einhell according to information from WELT AM SONNTAG, to provide its battery-operated devices with an aroma.

The company from Landau an der Isar in Bavaria offers around 200 products for the do-it-yourselfer or gardening enthusiast with battery power. In the future there could be fragrant drill / drivers, grass trimmers or universal saws.

Einhell is still silent about the details. The project is still in the initial phase and the exact direction of the fragrance has not yet been decided, they say.

The feel is also important

Einhell boss Andreas Kroiss announces in the new annual report: “In the current financial year 2021 we want to enrich our Power X-Change products with a specially developed Einhell fragrance and thus further emphasize the uniqueness of our products.” The goal is “all the senses the end user ”must be taken into account.

The idea of ​​using fragrance to boost sales is not new. Experts speak of “sensory marketing” when sensory impressions are linked to products or shopping experiences.

With the customer, for example, the appearance, the sound, the smell or the nature of the material should address as many senses as possible at the same time.

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Some companies are already using the fragrance idea. Apple is said to use a fragrance in some packaging that should trigger people to perceive the product as a novelty.

The company is already considered a pioneer in “sensory marketing” because the design of the cell phones with aluminum housings is perceived as high quality. The use of fragrances is widely used in hotels as well as in retail, for example by fashion brands.

For the Einhell boss, the fragrance project is another building block to keep the company on course for growth. In 2020, sales climbed by almost 20 percent to 725 million euros.

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