Coppa Italia: Juventus-Genoa 3-2, the baby Rafia takes Pirlo to the quarterfinals | News

Juve takes off the pass for the quarters of the Italian Cup where the winner of Sassuolo-Spal awaits. At the Allianz Stadium the bianconeri, with several young players on the field, beaten 3-2 Genoa after extra time. Kulusevski unlocks the game after 2 ‘and gives a Morata the ball of 2-0 (23 ‘). Czyborra shortens in diving head (28 ‘), Pjaca takes the crossbar (53’) e Legalize find even (74 ‘). At 104 ‘ Raffia decides the match.

Juve dominates, gets back together, is forced to stay in extra time, but in the end they get the upper hand on a never-defying Genoa and hardly pass the round in the Italian Cup. Pirlo draws the match-winner from the bench, but he is not the usual Cristiano Ronaldo, who entered at the end of the second half to help a tired and struggling team. The man-cover is Hamza Rafia, a Tunisian playmaker with a French Under 23 class 1999 passport, bought a year and a half ago for a sum of 400,000 euros plus bonuses that can reach up to 5 million, in addition to a percentage of 20 % on any future resale. From his entry in the 77th minute in place of Portanova to the qualifying goal (shot in the scrum) in the 104th minute: just 27 ‘to sign the goal that he will remember for all his life and that removes Pirlo from a certain embarrassment.

Between injuries and big matches with Inter on the horizon, Pirlo makes a robust turnover and launches the young Dragusin, Wesley and Portanova from 1 ‘. Buffon and Chiellini lead the defense, while in attack Ronaldo refuses and the couple is that formed by Kulusevski and Morata. The Swede, decisive in the match against Sassuolo, confirms his excellent form and at the first opportunity he is not wrong: Chiellini’s filter is beautiful, the former Parma enters centrally and makes Paleari dry. The defense of Genoa is in clear difficulty, too easily pierced centrally. At 14 ‘, on Bentancur’s pocket, Kulusevski face to face with the rossoblù goalkeeper gets the left placed back. The Grifone is like a boxer on the ropes, Paleari saves his foot on Morata but nothing can at 23 ‘, when Kulusevski catches the Spaniard who slips into the center and left 2-0. Ballardini is a fury on the bench and takes it out on Dumbravanu, the man assigned to stem Kulusevski. An inattention by Wesley (so far the young Brazilian’s performance was good) puts the Ligurians back in the game: on Goldaniga’s beautiful cross, Czyborra all alone beats Buffon with a head dive. We are at 28 ‘and the game suddenly reopens. Before the end of the first fraction Chiffi cancels two goals to the bianconeri, to Arthur (previous offside by Morata) and to Portanova (offside by Morata’s assist).

At the beginning of the second half Morata beats against Paleari (in the end the best in the field) and slowly gives way to a never tamed Griffin. Pjaca’s crossbar in the 53rd minute is the classic wake-up call and the Juventus omelette is served in the 74th minute, when Melegoni finds a Eurogol with a right-footed shot that leaves Buffon no chance. Pirlo is forced to change plans and throws Ronaldo into the fray in the last minutes, a move that does not avoid extra time and an avoidable surplus of fatigue. The Ligurians feel fatigue, Juve gain meters and opportunities begin to flock: Paleari says no to Morata and Bonucci, but nothing can about Rafia’s turn from a few steps also deflected by Bani and Lerager. The guests still have a gasp at the start of the second overtime, but Arthur heads the line on Goldaniga. The last chance happens on Kulusevski’s feet, but Paleari is still extraordinary. Juve are advancing out of breath and now they must recover their energy because it is forbidden to make mistakes against Inter.

Raffia 7
– An evening to remember for the 21-year-old Tunisian Under 23. Qualifying goal on his debut with the first team and dedication to his mother. The protagonist you do not expect takes the chestnuts off the fire in Pirlo.
Kulusevski 6.5 – Dazzling start of the game by the Swede, who unlocks the match, devours the doubling and gives Morata the 2-0 ball. In the second half he drops and in extra time he touches 4-2 in the final.
Morata 6.5 – Back from 1 ‘after the muscle problem and in the end he is forced to play 120’. He scores 2-0, then in the second half he wastes a couple of chances and in extra time he touches the brace.

Melegoni 6.5 – As the whole team struggles to enter the race, but grows with each passing minute. One of his euro-goals forces Juve into extra time. He is good and has a great future ahead.
Rovella 6,5 – It is the emblem of this baby Genoa that never gives up. In front of his future teammates, he proves to have quality and ample room for improvement.
Dumbravanu 5 – Nightmare evening for the young Moldovan defender on his debut with the first team, overwhelmed in the first half by Kulusevski’s verve and class. A little ‘better in the second half, but not enough to get enough.


Juventus (3-4-1-2): Buffon 6; Dragusin 6, Demiral 6.5 (20’st Danilo 6), Chiellini 6.5 (20’st Bonucci 6); Wesley 5.5 (43 ‘st Ronaldo 6), Arthur 6.5, Bentancur 6 (1’ st Rabiot 6), Bernardeschi 5.5; Portanova 5 (32’st Rafia 7); Kulusevski 6.5, Morata 6.5. Available.: Szczesny, Pinsoglio, Frabotta, Capellini, Ramsey, Ranocchia, Felix Correia. All.: Pirlo 6
Genoa (3-5-2): Paleari 8; Goldaniga 6.5, Bani 5.5, Dumbravanu 5 (6 ‘pts Males 5.5); Ghiglione 6, Rovella 6.5, Lerager 6, Melegoni 6.5 (1 ‘sts Radovanovic 6), Czyborra 6.5 (7’ sts Eboa Ebongue sv); Scamacca 5,5, Pjaca 6. Available.: Marchetti, Zima, Masiello, Criscito, Caso, Zajc, Badelj, Destro, Shomurodov. All.: Ballardini 6
Referee: Chiffi
Markers: 2 ‘Kulusevski (S), 23’ Morata (S), 28 ‘Czyborra (A), 29’ st Melegoni (A)
Ammonites: Bentancur (J), Dumbravanu (G), Ghiglione (G), Goldaniga (G), Bani (G), Rovella (G), Bernardeschi (J)
Expelled: –
Note: –

Juventus have passed the first knockout round of the Coppa Italia in each of the last 15 seasons in which they have participated in this round.
Juventus recorded its record streak of home games against Genoa, counting all competitions: 21 games in a row.
Juventus have scored at least two goals in each of the last eight matches of the first knockout round of the Coppa Italia, scoring an average of 3.4 goals per game in this set.
For the first time, Genoa have scored more than one goal in a Coppa Italia away match against Juventus – they had never done so in six previous games.
It was since 1993 that Juventus had not drawn four games in a row in the Italian Cup within regular time.
Álvaro Morata has scored four goals in his last four appearances in the Italian Cup; the last in the competition dates back to 21 May 2016, when he decided the Final against Milan (1-0).
Dejan Kulusevski’s goal (1:24) is Juventus’ fastest this season between league and cups.
Dejan Kulusevski has scored three of his four goals for Allianz this season in league and cup.
Lennart Czyborra (03/05/1999) and Filippo Melegoni (18/02/1999) are Genoa’s two youngest scorers this season.
First goal for Hamza Rafia in Italy considering all competitions, on his absolute debut with Juventus.
Four of the five goals in this match were scored by players born after 1999.
Juventus have fielded their starting line-up with the lowest average age this season: 26 years and 15 days.


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