Copa América: Argentina – Ecuador, in the public media

Argentina faces Ecuador for the quarterfinals of the Copa América and the public media they will be alongside the men’s national team in the dream of moving forward.

On Public Television, the transmission will begin at 20.00, with Sergio Goycochea, Ángela Lerena and Miguel Tití Fernández opening the preview. The party will have stories of Pablo Giralt, next to Matías Martin, Ángela Lerena and Miguel Tití Fernández.

After the meeting, at midnight, Giralt will receive Miguel Osovi and Sofía Martínez to open the Cup Show, with interviews, all the information on the remaining matches in this bracket, the goals, the best plays and the analysis with an eye on the semifinal.

On National Radio and the Folkloric, the transmission will be spearheaded by Victor Hugo Morales in the stories, with comments from Alejandro Apo and Viviana Vila, together with the team of National Passion Rapporteurs.

Earlier, from 18.45, the Radio will present the match between Uruguay and Colombia, with stories from Jose Gabriel Carbajal and comments from Santiago Lucia and Néstor Centra.



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