“Coordination” brings together the various political movements… What about its priorities and steadfastness?

If the meeting that took place between the head of the Progressive Socialist Party, former MP Walid Jumblatt, and the Hezbollah delegation differs in terms of its form and the majority of its content from the meeting between the independent and the change-in deputies, but it is worthwhile to stop at their “coordinating” goal, but according to multiple and different orientations and priorities as well.

In the first meeting, the political relationship between the Socialist Party and Hezbollah returned to its purity and this is an achievement, before other details, especially in the wake of the escalatory positions expressed by Walid Bey earlier towards the party. It is true that it paved the way for its emergence through new positions that carried a lot of flexibility, but the signs of response were not delayed, and perhaps the party is well aware that the leader of the socialist will not cut off communication with him no matter what passes between them, and there are common files that need to be discussed or completed.

As for the meeting, which brought together 16 deputies in the House of Representatives, which was titled Follow-up to Legislative Issues, it may be extended to discuss other files as long as there is no specific agenda, and it may also include other deputies.
This is how the political arena appears to be open to various meetings, and they may multiply at a later time, after the calendar of benefits is crowded, from border demarcation to the agreement with the International Monetary Fund, and the presidential elections. As for the concerns, in turn, they are many, from war to economic and financial collapse and other topics.
Observational circles point out that it is not possible to compare the two meetings in any way, but it is clear that they launched a political movement whose effects may appear soon, especially if it is followed up, noting that the meeting of independent and change-alike representatives is the first of its kind and therefore has not yet witnessed flights or Calamities, as is the case with the meetings of the Socialist and Hezbollah, which cannot be enumerated.

The same circles say that coordination was the goal of the two meetings, but in certain issues and of course based on the type of issues that the attendees attach importance to, explaining that some consider that they are directed against certain parties, and this is an issue that is not yet confirmed and that awaits the issuance of positions successively.

The circles express their belief that the two meetings are completely separate, even if their timing is close. In fact, the meeting of Hezbollah and the Socialist Party presented imminent entitlements, and Jumblatt’s “Antinat” had picked up some signals, and this is what necessitated the new page between them. As for the second meeting, it was dictated by parliamentary issues, especially since the meeting of the representatives and the need to close ranks and avoid voting alone on bills in Parliament.
The sources expect that the research within this meeting will branch out at any time under titles in which these deputies share the same views, but it is not possible to make any predictions about the extent of its steadfastness, especially since it is still recent.

It is understood that the group currently close to keep any points of divergence away, but it is also unknown when things will turn.
But do you get meetings between other parties for similar goals? The circles answer: It is all valid.
What about the next president? According to the circles, the presidential election will certainly not be absent from this political movement. Rather, its focus may be very soon, because frankly speaking, concerns focus on this file and nothing else.
Whether this movement is included in the context of the benefit movement or not, but the experiences have given a clear example of the association of any movement or meeting with interests or certain circumstances.

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