Coordinated Cyber ​​Police Immigration asks for “Inspector Bright” Nong “Benz Damon” interrogated

The movement of the 4th family, the police accelerated the chase. Pressure on people around “Benz Damon” to come out and surrender. Most recently, Pol. Lt. Gen. Worawat Wat Nakhon Bancha, Commander-in-Chief of the Royal Thai Embassy, ​​has revealed that Within today (6 Feb.) A letter of coordination will be sent to the commander of Immigration 2 to ask for Police Capt. Kunakorn Kajonbunthavorn or Inspector Bright. who is now imprisoned at Suvarnabhumi Airport Police Station Due to the due date of detention at midnight on February 7, the reason for being imprisoned due to the case of an early leave of absence on the leave to be brought to investigate the case involving Macau 8888

“The police need to examine him. to find connections, relationships, and to expand the results of all those involved in this case which if the information refers to anyone We have to take all actions.”

For “Inspector Bright” is considered the third brother of Mr. Chaiwat Kachonbunthavorn, 37 years old or “Benz Damon”, who is accused under the arrest warrant of the Criminal Court No. 325/2566 dated January 31 for the offense. together as an organizer to play or trick Help advertise or solicit directly or indirectly to others. to play or to bet on playing which is not authorized by the official, together with money laundering, which is in the process of being followed up for prosecution

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