Cooperation Between Bundeswehr and Companies for Better Soldier Integration

Cooperation Between Bundeswehr and Companies for Better Soldier Integration

Magdeburg – When it comes to personnel, the Bundeswehr and companies are increasingly relying on cooperation. This is intended to ensure better integration of soldiers into the private sector, said a spokeswoman for the Bundeswehr in response to a dpa request. According to a balance sheet from the Bundeswehr’s career development service, there were cooperation agreements with around 4,500 companies in 2020. These included companies such as Deutsche Bahn, Deutsche Post, Amazon and Rewe.

The railway announced that officers and non-commissioned officers in particular had management responsibility for people and material very early on, sometimes amounting to millions. This year alone, the railway is hiring more than 25,000 new employees, which involves exploiting all labor market potential, according to a company spokeswoman.

As the Institute for Labor Market and Occupational Research recently announced, the so-called labor market tension, which describes the ratio of vacancies and people looking for work, is at a high in recent years. When looking for personnel, companies often use different search methods to find qualified specialists.

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