Cool Kierin wins tickets for the Olympics to run 10,000 m – win 5,000 m next week

Kierin Tantiwet, a half-Thai-US whirlwind, wins official 2020 Olympic quota In the next week’s 10,000-meter sprint, continue to win a 5,000-meter event.

After Kirin Tantiwetthi, half Thai-US athlete, owner of 2 gold medals at the 30th SEA Games in the 5,000 meter and 10,000 meter run in the Philippines at the end of 2019, performed an excellent performance in running 10,000 meters during the run. Tests of The Ten In the state of California United States on February 21 the past.

Such item 24-year-old young runner who competed under the Beaverman Track Club team. Able to win the fifth place with a time of 27 minutes 17.14 seconds, which is a better record than the 2020 Olympic qualifying criteria (IAAF) set at 27.28 seconds

However, at that time, the International Athletics Federation The Kyirin statistic is not yet guaranteed at all, as it is a statistic that occurs only in the test field

But recently the International Athletics Federation Has certified the statistics of young Thai athletes This means that Kirin Tantiwetk has won a 10,000 meter athletics event at the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo, Japan. Between 23 July – 8 August 2021 officially. It is the 13th athlete who has qualified to compete in this event.

In addition to winning a quota at the Olympic Games for the first time in his life, Kirin is also the first Thai athlete. Who grabbed a ticket for the Tokyo Games As well as being the 18th Thai athlete to officially win the 2020 Olympics

“Big Twin” Maj. Gen. Suraphong Ariyamongkol, Vice President and Secretary General of the Athletics Association of Thailand The Royal Patronage has said it is a good thing to have at the Athletics Association. Has a quota for the 2020 Olympics is completed

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Over the next week, Kirin has another chance to win an Olympic quota for 2020 in his 5,000 meter sprint.The past man reportedly had his best record of 13 minutes and 57.60 seconds, which he did in 2019 while at the International Athletics Federation. Has set the Olympic selection criteria at 13 minutes 13.50 seconds.

Vice President and Secretary General, The Athletics Association of Thailand He also said that in addition to Kirin, the Thai athletics team will also have a chance to win tickets for the Tokyo Olympic Games for two other events: Subenrat In Saeng from the female chakram and Phatthayalai Maereng in the female leap-toe event.

The Association of Athletics has planned to give both. Travel to international competition In Kazakhstan In the middle of this year To improve statistics and rankings And at the end of the race in Kazakhstan Was preparing to plan to travel to compete in other shows in Europe as well

The men’s 4X100 meter relay team is another event that the Thai athletics team has to win the 2020 Olympic quota as well. Has planned to send to the Olympic selection competition in Poland. In early May

Pictures from: IG kierunner

Cool Kierin wins tickets for the Olympics to run 10,000 m - win 5,000 m next week

Cool Kierin wins tickets for the Olympics to run 10,000 m - win 5,000 m next week

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