Controversy Surrounding Angham’s Brother: Accusations and Family Feuds

Controversy Surrounding Angham’s Brother: Accusations and Family Feuds

Raised by musician Khaled Muhammad Ali Suleiman, brother Artist AnghamThere was a great deal of controversy recently, after he wrote a post on his account on the social networking site Facebook, in which he revealed the extent of his harm from his family, and accused them of killing his sister, Ghinwa.

The artist Angham’s brother raises controversy

Musician Khaled Muhammad Ali Suleiman wrote in his post: My family and I eat up my rights and deny them… And Majda is being mean to people and extorting us under the pretext of Ahmed and Yassin… Majda is the reason for Ghanwa’s death and I have conclusive evidence… Should I be silent?!

The musician continued, saying: I swear to God Almighty and by the right of God’s majesty, there will be no more silence.. There is no violence, but there is cruelty to the other.. Give me my right or kill me as you killed Ghinwa with injustice and kill Yassin slowly.. This is you, the world of infidels.

He concluded his post by saying: If my future is lost, I will also not be silent. You will imprison me or make me fall silent. I will also be silent when you kill me.. until my last breath, I will not be silent.. victor and vanquished.

It is noteworthy that Ghanwa is a half-sister of the artist Angham, who lost her life in 2018 at the age of 30, after being involved in an accident in the Fifth Settlement area in Cairo.

In another context, Khaled Muhammad Ali Suleiman commented on the controversy aroused among the public about who deserves the title of Voice of Egypt, Angham, his sister, Umm Sherine Abdel Wahab, where he said: This title of Voice of Egypt only appears on Angham… and when they reproduced the national anthem, Angham was the one who sang it. Because it is the only one worthy of being the voice of Egypt… and the voice of Egypt has never been said in anything other than melodies.

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