Controversy Sparks as Tik-Tok Celebrity Saud Al-Qahtani Makes Controversial Statements about Women Chosen by Men in Al-Marsad Newspaper

Al-Marsad Newspaper: Tik-Tok celebrity Saud Al-Qahtani sparked a state of controversy because of his statements about women chosen and preferred by men.

And he said during a video clip: “What men want is good.. But if a woman is cursed and cursed, and she feels that she understands the world correctly, she can walk right,” pointing out that men do not walk properly except with this woman.

And he continued: “As for the kind, he does not want her if she bounces. What does he want? He wants one who curses the parents.. She controls him like this, and he implements all her requests.”

Saud sparked a state of controversy among the pioneers of communication sites, and tweeters supported his point of view, while others criticized him.

2023-05-13 13:14:39
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