Controversy on Twitter for the photos that the Army has uploaded

A tweet that should have gone unnoticed among the Twitter community has become a reason to create a rather rare controversy. In the last hours on Twitter Spain has not spoken of anything else. And the fact is that the Army has uploaded some photographs of some maneuvers that They have been made on the occasion of the championship of precision marksmen.

Dec 31, 2020 at 10:01 am


In one of the photographs you could see one of the soldiers wearing a black mask. So far everything normal. The problem has been when some users have increased the vision in it. You could clearly see that the mask was placed with an editing program, possibly Paint. The mask had been painted over the soldier’s bare face.

The photographs have not been criticized because the soldiers wear a mask or not, but because of the move by the Army to paint one. Some users have commented that it is understood that at those times a mask is not used, but that painting it in this way is cheap. However, the controversy has gone more in the direction of humor than open criticism. Hopefully the CM of the account does not fall any day in jail.



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