Controversy in Mexico over AMLO’s intention to buy Cuban anticovid vaccines

Outrage has aroused in some sectors of Mexico the possibility, inferred by the president of that country, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, of acquiring doses of the Abdala anticovid vaccine, developed in Cuba, to be supplied to children.

One of the dissenting voices to the proposal presented by AMLO in recent days was that of a congressman from the PAN party, Damian Zepeda Vidaleswho warned that such action by the federal government could represent a risk to public health, especially that of minors, noting that said medication does not have the approvals or international certifications that guarantee its safety and effectiveness.

In this sense, the aforementioned congressman urged López Obrador to think in his eventual decision, warning that the lives of the children of Mexico were not worth the opportunity to save “a few pesos”, Calling for actions from the Government to be carried out for the acquisition of certified vaccine doses, with which the national vaccination plan can continue to be advanced.

According to the newspaper The universalone of the most widely read in that country, Zepeda urged AMLO to, if he wants to test Cuban vaccines, do so by applying them to his son and grandchildren, and not putting the lives of Mexican children at risk.

“I find it inhumane on the part of the government of President López Obrador to want to use the children of Mexico to explore a vaccine that we are not sure is safe (…) I am the father of three children, and on my corpse they are going to put that vaccine

In this sense, the legislator for the state of Sonora would have confronted the president, warning that he should think about the citizens, and pointing out that he could not being aware of bad decisionswhile surely their relatives would have been vaccinated with certified biologicals, and even in the United States.

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It is risking that your boys and girls may have a health problem by getting a vaccine that is not approved, that is not safe”, said the legislator in statements issued at a press conference.

In accordance with the above, Zepeda called AMLO to rethink your intention to buy the Cuban vaccinestating that children’s health should not be an issue to be left to chance, much less the choice of a vaccine must respond to questions of politics or “support for a regime”, as stated at a press conference.

Thus, the congressman asked that not a single vaccine be applied in his country that does not have the approval of the health and regulatory authorities. Due to the above, the congressman urged AMLO not to seek to save money on children’s health, warning that, instead of buying the Cuban vaccine, it can be invested, choosing one of the biologicals that they do have the endorsement of the medical authorities and that they are available on the international market with a ‘wide range’.

We need the country to be a glass box

During the legislator’s press conference, he also attacked the Supreme Court of Mexico, pointing it out for hiding information of interest to Mexicans, regarding the processes of purchasing vaccines, under the protection that it is a matter of “national security”. .

In this sense, the congressman affirmed that the main step to combat corruption is for the country to be a glass box.

It is not national security to know who they bought the vaccines from”, affirms the legislator, also mentioning that there is concealment of information regarding the subject of the investigation due to the collapse of the so-called Line 12 of the DF metro.

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Pure cover, pure rascal“, said.

Another AMLO controversy with the health sector involving Cuba

The slap on the wrist to AMLO for his intention to acquire Cuban vaccines also comes at a tense moment between the Government and the medical sector of Mexico, due to the decision of this hire foreign doctors, more precisely Cubans, to cover some professional requirements by their Ministry of Health.

This decision has sparked widespread indignation on the part of Mexican health sector professionals, who have questioned the search for human capital outside of Mexico, at a time when there are a large population of doctors unemployed or looking for work in the country.

In response to this growing outrage, the Mexican Ministry of Health has tried to respond, explaining that the hiring of foreign doctors responds to the demand for professionals in sectors that national professionals do not want to go, due to the “dangerousness” of the areasreproaching that due to whims and private security interests, there are patients who currently do not have access to services.

It is estimated that within the framework of this controversy, nearly 500 Cuban doctors.

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