Controversies and Issues within the Democratic Party of Korea: Jang Gyeong-tae’s Views

“Lee Rae-kyung was decided because he was an elder of democratization and a strong principled person.”
“Congressman Lee Sang-min’s claim to resign as CEO Lee revealed his true intentions.”
“Anyone with a strong will to reform, the new chairman of the innovation committee, can do it”
“Lee Dong-gwan, son’s school violence problem is serious… If it is nominated, it will become a nuclear bomb.”

▲Jang Gyeong-tae, top member of the Democratic Party Photo: Yonhap News

Jang Gyeong-tae, the top member of the Democratic Party of Korea, said that Lee Rae-kyung, who resigned from the Democratic Party’s innovation committee after nine hours, had decided to appoint Lee Rae-gyeong because he was a pro-democracy veteran and a strong principleist. revealed.

In addition, regarding Lee Dong-gwan, former chief of public relations at the Blue House, who is rumored to be the new chairman of the Korea Communications Commission, he warned that it would be a nuclear bomb if the issue of his son’s school violence is serious.

Jang Gyeong-tae, a member of the National Assembly and the highest member of the Democratic Party, appeared on ‘CBS Radio’ this morning and expressed his views on recent political issues and issues within the party.

First of all, regarding the background of the secret selection process for Lee Rae-kyung, Jang said, “Since the recruitment process for the innovation chairman is similar to the process for recruiting talent, it is a principle to go through the private selection process due to various security issues.” I was fully aware of the fact that there was a turnaround and some tough remarks, but after the appointment announcement, I voluntarily resigned because I judged that there were parts that did not meet the public eye level or were burdensome to the party.”

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He added, “I didn’t know until the Cheonan ship exploded, and I knew that it had a somewhat tough stance.”

Regarding the point that the decision can be made without the knowledge of the top members and the floor representative, Jang said, “The formation of a non-standing special committee such as the Innovation Committee goes through the resolution of the Supreme Council with the composition of not only the chairperson but also the members completed. And after that, in the process of verification, these controversies arose.”

Regarding the former Cheonan Captain Choi Won-il’s visit to Representative Lee Jae-myeong at the Memorial Day ceremony yesterday and a request for a meeting, Choi said, “I was at the site of the ceremony yesterday, and there is a security fence so that only the president and his wife, diplomatic envoys, political party representatives, incumbent ministers, and members of the National Assembly can go. I don’t know how Captain Choi Won-il got into the place where is installed,” he wondered, “a local councilor, several invited guests, and the bereaved family were also sitting outside the fence. I think I should check it out.”

▲ Briefing by Kwon Chil-seung, chief spokesperson of the Democratic Party Photo: Yonhap News

And, regarding the criticism of Cheonan Captain Choi Won-il by Chief Spokesman Kwon Chil-seung, he explained, “In any case, there was a noble sacrifice of precious soldiers, and I said it with the intention that I would like to feel some sense of responsibility as a commander.”

In addition, he said, “Because it was not an official briefing, but a so-called private conversation at the level of a private conversation, I think the chief spokesperson can personally express some regret, including a meeting with Captain Choi Won-il.”

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Regarding the claim that this happened while trying to select a person who suits the taste of Lee Jae-myung without a deliberation process within the party, Jang said, “It is always a personal name or a scream that is attacked, but Lee Rae-kyung is a so-called democratization elder and a member of the city council. Because of this, he is a person who has more symbolism than a personal name, epitaph, parental letter, or epitaph.”

Regarding the opinion that it could be said to be a personal name because he proposed the’Lee Jae-myeong Protection Committee’ in 2019, he said, “At the time, Lee Jae-myung was emerging as the Democratic Party’s leading presidential candidate, and in any case, he was a representative of the democratic camp, so he did not support it. There was no one,” he explained the situation.

Yesterday, in an interview with CBS Radio Kim Hyeon-jeong News Show, Rep. Sang-min Lee asked who would be suitable as the new chairman of the innovation committee, saying, ‘Resignation of CEO Jae-myung Lee is the first. Regarding the remark, “What would be the meaning of the Innovation Committee organized before that,” Jang said, “Rather, I wonder what it would have been like if Congressman Lee Sang-min had spoken so strongly about President Yoon Seok-yeol, who did not accept the dismissal and impeachment of Minister Lee Sang-min. “He fired back.

Then, he said, “Isn’t Lee Jae-myeong’s goal, after all, the resignation of Lee Jae-myung, rather than the party’s reform,” he said. I see it as a statement,” he said directly.

Then, when asked who should come as the new chairman of the innovation committee, Jang said, “I don’t think it’s important whether it’s inside or outside the party.” This is the most important thing. I hope we don’t even have arguments about personal names and screams.”

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Regarding the issue of his son’s school violence being on the cutting board while rumors are emerging as the new head of the Korea Communications Commission, Lee Dong-gwan, former chief of public relations at the Blue House, Jang Choi said, “In the case of Attorney Soon-shin Jeong, who fell from the head of the National Investigation Headquarters due to the issue of child abuse, to give his son an indulgence. As a so-called legal engineer, there was an aspect of delaying the trial and wasting time, but Lee Dong-gwan, former chief of public relations at the Blue House, said that the case itself was different because he did not even open the school riot committee and sent it from the transfer school. The matter is serious,” he said.

He continued, “If there were various external pressures because he was a high-ranking official at the Blue House, this is a completely different issue using power, and how he was transferred is completely an indulgence and a parliamentary investigation,” emphasizing the seriousness of the problem. I hope the president doesn’t do internal affairs,” he said.

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