Controversial Documentary on Former Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz: ‘The Truth’ Revealed

Controversial Documentary on Former Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz: ‘The Truth’ Revealed

From politics to the cinema: Former Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz, here celebrating after the first projections for the 2019 National Council election in the ÖVP election headquarters. Image: dpa

Two films about the former Austrian Chancellor have already caused discussion. Now a third documentation is to be added. Director Jakov Sedlar considers Sebastian Kurz to be a “very interesting personality”.

Two documentaries about the former Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz have been a topic of conversation in recent weeks – now another one is to be added. The film “Sebastian Kurz – the truth” by Croatian director Jakov Sedlar will be released this week, Sedlar confirmed this to the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung on Tuesday.

It is competing with the film “Project Ballhausplatz”, which, according to the announcements of its director Kurt Langbein, critically portrays the political career of the former ÖVP politician. Surprisingly, a second film about Kurz by Sascha Köllnreitner was added to the long-known “Project Ballhausplatz” at the beginning of September.

Now there is a third film about Sebastian Kurz’s political career, which only lasted ten years. He had to resign in 2021 due to an affair involving advertisements and ordered surveys and is now working as an entrepreneur. Producing the film was his own idea and initiative, Sedlar told the FAZ. He thinks Kurz is a very interesting personality. For example, his work against anti-Semitism is not well known.

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The budget is around 350,000 euros. The film will be released in German and English. The Austrian journalist Judith Grohmann is responsible for the script. She is the author of a book about Sebastian Kurz, which was published in 2019 as an “official biography”. Sedlar says he has made more than 40 documentaries, most recently about former Croatian President Franjo Tudjman. They have sometimes caused controversy because critics have described the films as nationalistic and tendentious.

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