Control and Hitman 3 are launched for the Nintendo Switch via the cloud

Nintendo just held a new Direct Mini broadcast, where a bunch of Switch news was announced. You can see the entire broadcast at the top of the article.

The most notable news is probably the games Control and Hitman 3 now comes to the Switch platform, albeit with a slight twist. The games will be available over the cloud.

Control comes to Nintendo’s console in the Ultimate Edition edition, which contains all the extensions, and is available now. As for Hitman 3, this title has not yet been released on Switch, but the official launch date is January next year.

Hitman 3 is on its way to Switch over the cloud. Photo: Nintendo

Bravely Default 2-dato

Nintendo’s game streaming service is more limited than on competing platforms, and so far primarily available in Japan with titles like Resident Evil 7. Now it may look as if Nintendo will expand the offer.

To play over the cloud on Switch, you need an application that can be downloaded for free from eShop and that takes up 45 MB of space.

Other news that was shared in the new Direct broadcast was the launch date of the Square Enix role-playing game Bravely Default 2. The game will be released on February 26 next year, and thus the title gets a slight postponement when the window was previously set to the current year.

Not least, Nintendo was able to announce the Wii classics No More Heroes and the sequel No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle launched to Switch and are available now. The broadcast also showed more of No More Heroes III, which was announced last summer.

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