Conte’s press conference, the speech on the Covid decree. “Taking action to avoid generalized lockdown” –

Phase two of the Covid emergency cannot be dealt with like phase one. We must protect people’s health, but also the economy. However, the contagion curve is worrying, the numbers are serious and therefore there was an urgent need to intervene. And to act immediately, to avoid a new generalized lockdown. The Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte, spoke to the Italians on TV presenting the measures of the new Dpcm on the Covid emergency. We must commit ourselves, the situation is critical, the government is there – underlined the head of the government -, but everyone must do their part and together we will overcome this difficult moment.

The premier pointed out that the new Dpcm was the result of an intense dialogue between the majority but also with the Regions, local authorities and the CTS. Before taking the floor, he informed both the presidents of the two chambers and the leaders of the opposition about the measures. And he summarized in a slogan the philosophy with which he would like to involve institutions at all levels: Collaborate, collaborate, collaborate. But just a few minutes after the end of the speech, the first critical institutional voice arrived, that of the mayor of Bari and president of the Anci Antonio Decaro, who accused the government of blaming one of the main measures provided for by the decree, namely the creation of off-limits areas in cities by mayors: In difficult moments, institutions take on the responsibilities they do not discharge on other institutions with which they loyally they should cooperate. Mayors are used to taking their responsibilities. We would like all institutions to do the same.

Cont acknowledged that the measures envisaged in some sectors could cause economic losses to entrepreneurs and operators, but the government is committed to restoring them, albeit in a targeted and not generalized manner as happened last spring. The Dpcm affects some activities – the premier admitted – and we must prepare ourselves to give refreshments. There are several billions for this but what we cannot afford are the pouring out donations. For this reason a detailed analysis will be made to understand who needs help and support.

The premier then reiterated his will to increase it smart working in the public service – where it was immediately established that all meetings in the public administration will take place remotely – with an ad hoc provision on which the Minister of Public Service is working Fabiana Dadone. From now on, all meetings in the public administration will be remote.

Urged by reporters, Conte also spoke of the possible use of funds from the My, the European stability mechanism, remembering that they are loans and that they cannot finance additional expenses but only expenses already made and that in any case they increase the public debt. Basically: If we take them, I will have to intervene with taxes and cuts because I have to keep the debt under control. This is why, he pointed out, dozens of European countries, including Italy, have made use of Sure funds but none of the Mes. In short: Mes is not the panacea, as it is represented. I have no ideological prejudice on the ESM – he added – but taking the ESM as a solution to a dispute in the public debate makes no sense.

Beyond the individual measures, in any case, the head of the government has invited the entire population to adopt the utmost caution in interpersonal relationships: The most effective measures remain basic precautions: mask, spacing and hand hygiene. We pay attention in situations where we let our guard down, with relatives and friends. In these situations, maximum precaution is required.

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